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  1. Got a great job am loving this job!! :D

    1. Nuvi


      What's your job?

    2. engineer2mike


      Yeah!! What's the Coolest job?

  2. JUst got my SS#card super happy now i can start working !

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    2. jimenezerika


      THanks and yes i have a job i was just waiting on my ss# card now :))

      am start working for an attorney! :)

    3. erika22


      How cool! What kind of work are you going to do?

    4. jimenezerika


      Well am help spanish speaking people who have a lack in english, explain to them there right and there case information :)

  3. HOw long does it take to get your ss# card in the mail??

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    2. erika020


      I don't know if it's true or maybe not everywhere, but when my sister went to apply for her ssn she asked the lady if she could get a print out and the lady told her that she could either go the following day wait another 2hours at the ssa office to get a print out or that she could call to a number she gave to my sister and make a request to get it shipped over night

    3. Beebee


      It comes pretty fast...mine took 4 days ! :)

    4. jimenezerika


      omg i would like to get in for days! : )

  4. NOw just have to wait on my #ss card! :D

  5. I took a week and 2 days to get my work permit but ama super happy!!! tomorrow am going to apply for the #ss card! :)

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    2. JV86


      sorry i meant to say jimenezerika !

    3. jimenezerika


      @pankaj thanks :) @JV86 i did bios nov 8 and i sent my application on sept 27 :) its ok jimenez is my lastname ,,lol

    4. jimenezerika
  6. DACA Process [Timelines]

    we sent it the same day but i did bios nov8 and i got approved feb7 so maybe you will be approved any day i sent mine to vermont
  7. Home bored nothing to do hope i get my permit today! :D ready to work!!

    1. splif0clock


      you should start applying for jobs while you wait ... unless you have one in mind already. ;) g'luck

    2. jimenezerika


      i have two in mind am just waiting on my card so i can get my ss#

  8. DACA Process [Timelines]

    Application Sent : Sept 27, 2012 Application Received on : Sept 29, 2012 Biometrics Appointment : Nov 8, 2012 Application Approved : Feb 7, 2013 Lockbox : Vermont
  9. Help!!!!! Licenses In Nc???

    its true we cant get licence in NC i was just approved the 7 of feb and now i found out that NC isnt giving licence to Deferred action applicants its so messed up! i live in NC!
  10. Like really cant believe NOrth Carolina joined arizona, and nebraska in not giving licence to the deferred applicants! :( thats messed up!!!

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    2. Gezinha


      true, the whole point of getting a social is to get a license, and contribute, go to work and back, be a member of society..no matter what they want to make us all feel inferior, second class citizens... that is just a load of shit.

    3. pankaj


      Am sorri come to cali u wil get it

    4. Rawf


      It is illegal to have a license from another state for more than 30 days, but you can get it at any other state and then do a transfer. All they ask is for your current license and the ssn. The ssn doesn't show your EAD category. There, you used an exploit in the system :-P

  11. Waiting...

  12. Waiting...

    i meant i got approved yesterday! feb 7 lol guess am still so excited lol but dnt lose hope yall be next and the USCIS Case status Notifier they say its a better to check it there and you will get a message to your cell if anything changes but yes i was checking my status every minute and i stop doing it yesterday like for 2 hours then i went back and checked my status and saw it had changed! it got me by surprise
  13. Waiting...

    I did bios nov 8 and got approved feb 8 i sent mine to vermont
  14. Anybody Send Their Application To Vermont Lock Box?

    I sent my application on sept 27 and i did bios nov8 and got approved feb 7:) my application was sent to vermont!