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  1. Got My EAD approved today

  2. Dreamers I think I am more nervous than any who have to renew by this month.. I have too renew By next month since is 120 days prior experation of work permit and Daca

    1. Gezinha


      Good luck! everything will be fine as long as you are working hun...no worries.

  3. Student Loans For Daca

    I have taken college classes since August of 2012 with 1 or 2 classes at time. I pay in state tuition ever since but what has help me is a pay in payments. monthly have been helpful for me since the whole student loan is difficult to get one. I hope you will look into the possibility of making payments plan its a little help instead of paying them in full.
  4. What Next After Approved.

    Usually takes about 3 business days after being approved to receive your EAD card.
  5. Recieved My Permit!

    You can have a Public Notary translated usually in banks someone is a Public notary and if you have a bank account in that bank you won't get charge, its free of charge at least where I bank at Wells Fargo.
  6. Feeling blessed ..

  7. Credit Declined

    So I applied last week at Old Navy and was approved a 300 dollars credit line .. I could also use it at Gap,Bannana Republic, Pipper line... I had applied with Bank credit cards and was denied for those... now I have Old Navy card .. Its a good start building my Credit
  8. Working today on a Sunday :/ But i Guess this is what it is !!! Working my way all that matters right!?:)

  9. Best Credit Cards To Apply For After Daca

    Do anybody knows how long you have to be Employed , before applying for Cc .. I'm part time employed, and also part time student .. I applied last night for capitalone Cc and I got denied and also applied for Discover it and also got denied.. What can I do ?
  10. I finally got a job .. ;) not what I wanted but its a start .. At The Homedepot as a cashier

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    2. Gezinha


      I know how that is, I got the dream job, but the pay is shit for sure..but oh well, it adds to my experience

    3. Calidreamer


      A start! work your way up to your dream job :D

    4. theaviator360


      well at least is something :),im still looking for jobs

  11. I finally got a job .. ;) not what I wanted but its a start

  12. Job Resume Need Help

    Omg thanks sotero_gonzalez for your response I really need some kind of resume , because in this job hunt pfff .. It's been hard without the resume ... I've applied in so many places .. You name it groceries stores , restaurants, mall stores and no interview no call backs ... Thanks again
  13. Job Resume Need Help

    Thank you itzel I really appreciated .. Omg really in craigslist wow !!! .. That's great .. So how is it working for you ? .. I know I read your post and we do have similar experiences .. Thanks alot have a wonderful weekend
  14. Job Resume Need Help

    Hi everyone , I need help on how to write a resume , I don't know where to start from? I am bilingual and I have computer skills but I lack work experience I haven't work in my life but have volunteer in school , church. I haven't had any luck finding a job. I got approved since Nov.!! :/ and no luck. I've applied in local supermarket, target, Yonkers, Red lobster, Olive Garden and even applied in a job agency but still nothing please help!!!! Please anyone can help I appreciated ?
  15. Student Loans

    Does any else know if I do get a loan ill be having trouble renewing my work permit?