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  1. Hello everyone and congrats for those who have been approved. I'm afraid I've grown worried for my case. You see I sent my i821d and i765 application on Aug. 15 and I received a text and email saying they received my forms Aug. 17 Then I received my biometric appointment which was for Sept. 20 which I attended, but the complicated part about all this is that my wedding day was the day after my biometrics. So as I was doing my biometrics I asked the immigration officer there if I should send my marriage certificate out to my lock box (which was Nebraska) and she said just mail it out as soon as you get it while your forms are still being processed. But as you can see it has been over 2 months of waiting and my case status is still posting "initial review" would anyone know why this is?
  2. Welcome to the forums Sugar103 :)