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Found 16 results

  1. Rfe

    I have a question: How long after you mail in the Rfe, will it take to get APPROVED?
  2. Hi everyone, I received this RFE letter today I answered no to being arrested and charged because I was never charged, I was only in the car with someone who ended up being charged. The only reason I was taken into custody was because I was with the person. When they released me, I got a copy of a notice from the police dept signed by the releasing officer that I was released without charge. I was going to send them a copy of that along with this letter. Do you guys think that's what I should do? Any advice would be helpful (I'm trying to avoid spending hundreds on a lawyer but will if it's more beneficial)
  3. Hi My Name Is Jerri

    I,have been following this forum for the last 9 months. I know that I'm gonna get an rfe because for the year 2007-2008 i moved and didnt have the transcript to the school i went to. How long does it usually take for them to send me a rfe. Sorry for the bad grammar I'm on my phone
  4. Still Waiting

    Hello Everyone, First off I want to wish everybody a Happy New Year, I hope your holidays went well. I am writing this post to express my frustration with the wait I've had to endure this past 13 months. I applied for DACA on Nov. 23, 2012 and till this day I haven't received a decision on my case. I have made several service requests, I've sent several emails, tried getting help from my senator, I responded to and R.F.E and still nothing. I reside in Texas and my application is being processed in Nebraska, wtf?! Are any of you still waiting after a year for a decision on their case? Do you live in Texas or any neighboring states and you have you're application being processed in Nebraska or Delaware? If so, what are you doing in regards to the long processing time besides waiting? Is there anything else we can do but wait and hope to get our case resolved? I don't understand why this is taking so long. I know people who applied in 2013 many months after me and received their papers within about 4-5 months. In this year of waiting I turned down better paying jobs including outside my state. I don't know what to do anymore this situation really sucks.
  5. I Want To Get This Over With!

    Hello, On Sept. 5 I received a RFE from USCIS which I responded to on Oct. 9 and which they received on Oct. 11. It has been almost a month since I got an email from USCIS telling me that they had received all the additional information they had requested. What now? I know they told me that it will take a minimum of 60 days for me to get a decision on my case but I am not so sure since a lot of people have to wait longer than that after they submitted their RFE's. Can anybody tell me if they had to send and RFE and how long did you have to wait to get a decision on your case? I have been waiting for almost a year now since I submitted my application (Nov. 23, 2013) my patience is wearing thin and its just very frustrating.
  6. The Wait After Rfe

    USCIS sent me a RFE on Sep. 5 which I responded to on Oct. 9 by sending all the additional evidence they requested. On Oct. 11 I got an email saying that they had received the evidence I sent them which brought me some calm. Its almost been two weeks since they last contacted me. Does anyone know approximately how long it takes for USCIS to make a decision on a case after a RFE has been responded to?
  7. I received the letter last Friday.. Apparently the person who filled out the paperwork for me noted that I had tickets. But advised me not to send evidence. Now I'm being requested to submit evidence for those citations which were for driving without a license. The bad part is that they are over 5 & 10 years old and I no longer have the citation numbers. Is there any way to obtain those citation numbers? Ps: I live in California. I also have attached a picture of the letter I received.
  8. Request For Evidence

    Hello, On Thursday Sept. 5 I received an email from USCIS requesting more evidence on my case. The next day I called their offices and I was told that I should be receiving a form in the mail within 15 days, and that I should fill out the form and follow the instructions that will indicate what evidence or information they need to fully evaluate my application. I know many of you have received a "RFE" and I wanted to know what exactly is that they will ask me for so I can start preparing myself in gathering whatever evidence is required. Many people have told me that they will ask me for an income report, some notarized letters from people that have known me for many years, ect. What form will they be sending me? is it the I-797E? Also how long will I have to wait, after I send the form back, to get a decision on my case? I am going on 10 months now and I would appreciate any help I can get regarding this matter. Thanks.
  9. So my lawyer sucks and the secretaries they let me know until almost a month ago but I fixed that I got another lawyer to replace her anyways about usci requesting more evidence from all of 07-may of 08 however I have none I checked I graduated High School in 06 and in 07 and early 08 I didn't do much couldn't go back to school etc. I did get an affidavit from a place I helped out well literally worked got paid cash from 07 until 09 anyways got the boss to notarize it. I got my landlord to notarize that she's been renting me and family since 06 to present. I just need help if anyone knows of a template to make an affidavit for 2 of my friends I went to high school with and known me since like my brothers gf I would see her daily at my house and they're still together I see her daily still. I just don't know what template I should use to write letter and get affidavit notarized. All I can do is get letters now I do not have receipts emails etc. I already looked and my lawyer needs this by this Monday or early coming week! usci Needs it by the 11th of JULY! ugh help.... How many letters do I even need? I have 2 so far.... This is the 8th Month since I started this process for deferred action it's soo frustrating I can't even cry anymore ran out of tears Erick
  10. Hey everyone i just wanted to see if anyone has gotten approved after an rfe at the nebraska service center?
  11. Hi guys i just wanted to introduce myself , my name is perla and i received my rfe letter on mon and returned it on tuesday, so far i received the email from the nebraska service center stating that they are reviewing what i super nervous! This is really the hardest thing ive had to go through, its mu future!
  12. Does This Mean Rfe...

    Well as I was trying to check my case (like i do every week) i saw that my status looked like this.Does it mean I'm gonna get hit with a RFE? or the system its just messed up? or what...
  13. So I got a RFE a while ago. I sent in more proof of the dates they asked of me and they got the package in the mail this past Monday March 11. My question is...Does anyone know if they are given a certain time period in which to respond back to me? >< ! I keep checking my status on their website, but it still says Initial Review -____-.
  14. Finally I got a letter from USCIS and it was an RFE. Anyway, the letter says I need more evidence for the year of 2012. (Now that I recall, I know I didnt send much). So far I collected: Bank statements from every month My phone bills from every month (which I have to print the ones im missing because I went paperless) A few receipts from paypal 1 or 2 postmarked letters sent to me Also, I was thinking of printing out some fb pictures that have the date and the place it was taken. I only thought of that because one of my friends had no other evidence and her lawyer said those pictures from fb would be fine. Would it be a good idea? So far its all I have that can prove that I was here, I wasnt in school last year so I can't send any of that. Would that be enough? Oh! the RFE letter came with an envelope and the letter said to send it in the envelope enclosed (including the letter) but idk if all the evidence will fit in that, at the same time I don't want to make a mistake. It says "Please use the enclosed envelope to mail additional evidence request back to this office."
  15. So today I got a RFE and honestly I don't know what other things I can send! I sent, Hospital records when I was younger ALL elementary, middle, and high school records. (including my High school diploma) All awards I got during school Passport, consular ID card, My old passport birth certificate Religious documents of my first communion my I-94 That was all my life paperwork from the moment I stepped into the US till I graduated high school. After I graduated my parents couldn't afford to pay for my college and I was not able to continue my schooling, nor get a legal job. So I choose to move to TX were I moved in with my girlfriend. Who I lived with for 5 years. During that time everything we got was put under her name. Due to this I have very few if at all evidence between 07 up until now I don't know what to send in because I already sent in with the first package everything I had after 07 up till now. What do you guys think I should do? They are also asking for something ON JUNE 15Th which I don't have. please help !!!
  16. Rfe

    If they send an RFE, do we get a sms or e-mail letting us know that is in the mail (ups) ?