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  1. Got Email From Scopsscata......

    I was told to wait 2 more months....after waiting a year already. So here we sit...
  2. Got Email From Scopsscata......

    Well that's a new response! Still the same BS answer, just worded differently.
  3. Any Approvals Over The Year Mark?

    Last service request was sent on August 29. I just received a letter in the mail stating it would be 2 more months of waiting. Is anyone else still waiting from Aug/Sept of last year? If so, is there ANYTHING significant about your case that you think would prolong it?
  4. Really?!

    Same here....
  5. Any Approvals Over The Year Mark?

    Yes I've called, done service congressman is against immigration so that wouldn't do any good...just going to continue waiting, I guess!
  6. I know we're barely at a year since being able to apply for DACA, but has anyone been approved after a year? It's been exactly a year since my app was accepted. No new news yet...
  7. Wow. This is strikingly similar to my case. As of tomorrow, it will be a year since my app was accepted, and still no definitive answer as to when, if at all, it will be approved.
  8. Good afternoon, USCIS records indicate the processing of these cases have been delayed and are currently pending internal extended security review. A check of our records establishes that these cases are not yet ready for a decision as they are under an ongoing review. We cannot move forward on these cases at this time. We will make every effort to make a decision on these cases as soon as the review is complete. If a decision or other notice of action is not received from us within approximately 90-120 business days from the date of this e-mail, please contact us again for an update. There is nothing that can be done to speed up this process.
  9. Yes and they told me to wait 90-120 BUSINESS DAYS for a response. Ridiculous, right????
  10. Same response here. Filed Sept 17
  11. I guess it really doesnt matter what our situations are as far as the time lines go. I keep trying to tie certain cases together to see why it's taking so long. I'm stumped
  12. Man This Is Some Bull Sh*t

    Oh ok...I read your child was born in 2012 so tgat wouldn't help 2009. I hope everything gets figured out for you.
  13. Man This Is Some Bull Sh*t

    are you on the birth certificate?
  14. Have either of you that have been waiting a year already been through the immigration system? I mean have you or do you have a current case outside of DACA?
  15. You can check your case status online at with your receipt #. Other than that, it's a waiting game. Good luck to you!