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  1. I hope that everyone is having a great day so far!! I'm hopeful for everyone in this forum to get approve, IF your case havent been approved yet! good luck guys! just wanted to stop by and say HELLO :)

    1. jimenezerika


      hello and thanks hopefully ill get approve soon :)

  2. 2013 is OUR year fellow dreamers!! LETS GET IT!!!!

  3. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year my fellow DACA peeps!

  4. My permit was denied in Kentucky.

    Did your dad drive you to the DMV? You need someone with a valid drivers license to go with you to the DMV!
  5. Why things might have slowed down since September.. http://www.scpr.org/...owed-september/
  6. I got a Cali ID valid for 6 years and DL valid for 5 years!
  7. Anyone from California have gotten a 2 yr ID/DL? Just curious...

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    2. pswa83


      mine is valid for 5 yrs and my ID is good for 6 yrs

    3. roadrunner11


      I got a 2 year DL

    4. C_Air23


      Mine is 5 yrs DL n 6 yrs State ID.. I just wanted to know IF some people got different ones.


    Yes, I have. I bank with Bank of America and when I applied, they approved me just recently. Go in at the bank you bank with and try not to do it online.. I believe it's easier to get one when you talk to someone inside the bank? If you do not have a bank account, open one first with a checking n a savings then open a credit card later.
  9. No, you Cannot and does not qualify for he deferred action since you were sent back to Mexico.

    Congrats MOE!!!!
  11. Getting a Driver's License

    In Cali, you only need your SSN and EAD
  12. Hi guys! Be patient and your time will come. Although I am finished with everything, I still check this forum almost everyday to see if I can still contribute and help some who have any questions. Hope you guys had a wonderful day! Keep your heads up!

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    2. Luna
    3. mayra


      i think im getting gray hair off waiting too long:/ lol

    4. fmherrera


      thank you! I agree with mayra.. I can't wait any longer!

  13. Anyone else got approved for a credit card like me? I would love to hear from anyone who has had experience trying to apply.

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    2. pswa83


      C_Air23, this is know. for me it was an easier choice because everytime you apply for a CC or store credit and get denied, it goes against your credit. with my CC, i have a small credit line ($300) that limits what i can buy and therefore i wont make ill choices that i may regret later. my bank will give me an unsecured CC but with me just barely having a job, i dont feel it fits my budget right now. just a personal choice i guess.

    3. pswa83


      this i know*

    4. C_Air23


      Angela: well I've been banking with Bank of America for 4 years now, and when you have a good history with your bank, it's easier to get a cc, but it's not always guaranteed you will get approved.

  14. Apply as soon as you can! Once you get your EAD you can apply