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    I live by the beach soo i love going for walks and hikes on the sand dunes.
  1. Got my D/L :)

    1. Angie1988


      Felicidades :) still waiting to get approved :)

    2. Raul


      That's awesome! Can't wait to get mines also.

    3. Yareli ilse
  2. Its Finally Here :)

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    2. Luna


      Congrats !!!

    3. Yareli ilse

      Yareli ilse

      how do i upload pictures on this comment

      ?? thanks :)

    4. Rh_ny


      Make a topic and upload it there :)

  3. Yeahh Just received a noticed that my DACA has been approved along with the work permit. :)

  4. I went to my biometrics today :)

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    2. itzel


      Most of us are getting out quickly..maybe because of the low number of applicants..

    3. Rh_ny
    4. Yareli ilse

      Yareli ilse

      thank you :) yes i only saw two other that where there for the same reason

  5. Welcome to the forums Yareli ilse :)

    1. Yareli ilse

      Yareli ilse

      Thank You, I'm happy to be here