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  1. Life After Daca

    SO my life after DACA has been amazing! I have my drivers license, I pay instate tuition I'm soon to move to my own apartment I have job offers, I'm grateful that i was chosen to do modeling for Wilhelminia! if you dont know who they are google them and you'll see I will get to do alot of awesome things while just having fun at it ! but besides the modeling I have a steady job as an event coordinator here in Miami, coordinating events for 3 restaurants I travel like there is no tomorrow lol I fly alot, man I'm just beyond bless , wohoo thank you God and thank you DACA AND TO THOSE STILL WAITING TO BE APPROVED DONT WORRY YOU WILL GET IT, JUST BE PATIENT I WAITED FOR MY PERMIT FOR ALMOST ONE YEAR, I WAITED 10 MONTHS AND IT WAS WORTH IT, SO JUST SIT BACK RELAX AND WAIT FOR GREATNESS TO COME!!!
  2. I Got Approved After 10 Months And 5 Days

    thanks dude, and when did u apply?
  3. Official Nebraska Approval or Pending Cases

    yours is coming dude! i got approved on friday after 10 months!! so yours is coming soonnn!
  4. 1765 Application!!!!!!

    thats awesp,e cpngratullations!! I got approved on friday and mine was like that too but after 2 days or 3 i think they updated my I821D to cardocument in production so just give it like 2 or 3 days ! congrats aain!! and i see they are approving alot of October applicants from last year so i'm happy that others from our month are getting approved already!
  5. Finnaaally Both Apps Approved

    congrats dude!!! i got approved on the same date too!
  6. I Got Approved After 10 Months And 5 Days

    thank you guys! i am so happy and Glad this wait is over for me=]
  7. i got approved after 10 mnths and 5 days!

    1. miguel2013




    2. marco12


      congrats!!!!!!! yay

    3. engineer2mike


      Felicidades Cesar!! Hechale Ganas!

  8. OMG I JUST CHECKED AND I GOT APPROVED, THE JOY, THE TEARS EVERYTHING IS JUST RUNNING THROUGH MY MIND ALL THESE FEELINGS ,IS JUST BEYOND AMAZING, I WAITED FOR SO LONG AND IT WAS SO WORTH IT, THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE FOR THEIR SUPPORT AND ENCOURAGEMENT!!! THANK YOU GOD!! Time line : Nebraska Center application received October 10,2012 Bios November 13,2012 transfered from Vermont to Nebraska on March 11/13 approved!!! August 16, 2013!!!
  9. Response From Nebraska Service Center

    so frustrating that i dont know what to think nomore, iam tryng to live a normal life but is just hard to concentrate//specially when YOU HAVE NO F*** IDEA ON WHY THOSE FXCKRS are delaying our cases and we submitted them waaaaaaaaaaay before anyone that submited this year.. Fckd up system we have.
  10. Response From Nebraska Service Center

    dam dude, I emailed them too and i havnt heard from there its about to be a week... i hope i dont get this back in response :/
  11. Email

    thank you, and I heard and i have seen many times when their addresses or name get updated that means they gonna get approved soon so goodluck n pre- congrats! lol
  12. Email

    does it help if i email my service center? i'm about to hit the 10th month of waiting and i wanted to know if sending an email would help? bc i hear alot of cases that has.
  13. Omg Finally Approved !!

    yeah bro like my case =[
  14. 9 Months Today!!

    lmboooooooooooooooooooooooo bc here for mcdonalds u stil gotta show papers....andwell now most small bussiness rest. in the miami area require papers
  15. Statistics

    thank you so much