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  1. Hi everyone so its been a month since my DACA expired and i still don't have an answer i called twice already and the only thing they tell me is that they are working on January 1st and they received mine January 20th (it expired may 30 so its within the 4 month period) but its been a month and they keep telling me they are working on the 1st what can i do? i also asked for the extension and the first girl told me that at this point there is no need for it and the other one told me she didnt know anything about extensions help!!!!
  2. Credit Card

    Hey guys so i saw some people having trouble when they wanna get a credit card to build credit...so i was walking close to my bank (Chase) where i have a savings account, i was curious if they would give me a credit card to build some credit since i been waiting for the credit bureaus to transfer the credit i had on my Itin # anyways i went in there and ask about the credit cards after all the explaining the guy did he pass me some lady on the phone and told me congrats you been approved for a $1300 first 15 months 0% APR i was surprice and im kinda scared to know what i got in to lol if is good or bad well just wanted to share this with you guys!
  3. You are talking about the process Angela was talking about right baby23? about the (SS/Medicare) or just about everything?
  4. Ok so they already know we are working with a fake SS thats why the give us the itin # to file taxes right? and there is no problem if i send the letter to the IRS letting them know about my new SS? did you send them that letter? im sorry for all the questioning but im just worry about it lol. also thanx for the link it was really helpful i do have credit on my itin that i wanna transfer to my new SS. Thanx Angela
  5. i have the same question :/ i used a fake SS to work and did my taxes wit my itin # but now i dont know what to do i kinda dont wanna do it since no one seems to know anything about it ..im thinking of just starting from the bottom with my new SS ... also i dont know if i should let the irs know that i have a new SS and to cancel my itin # because in some of my taxe i did my fake SS appears in there even do i would use my itin to do them so idk what to do or just not use my itin anymore :/.
  6. Feels good to have a valid DL and State ID :D now job hunting for a better future!!

    1. erika020


      it does!! ^_^ congrats! and best of luck!! :)

    2. Audiocrazy20


      Congrats. Ic your in IL. It's nice they hand out regular licenses for 5 years..

    3. edwin89


      thanx erika020 .....yes Audiocrazy20 its great that they do that here i was scared they would only give it for 2 years..

  7. Driver's License

    i guess it all depends on the state, all the people that i know here in Chicago Illinois got it for the years they gave it to them not just the 2 years from the EAD
  8. so i been looking at some updates about the ID's and Driver's License if the EAD is only for 2 years when you get an ID or DL they give it to you for 4 or 5 years right? will they still be good to use or will they expired also with the EAD after the 2 years?
  9. i got approved may 31 st and got it the 6th so give it like a week or less and you will get your card.... i didnt wait i got it yesterday and i went today to apply for the SS they told me i should receive it in two weeks ..good luck!!
  10. woooot went to apply for my social today, i should be getting it in a week or two cant wait to get my license!!

  11. i have the same date as you i was approved May 31 st and i got my EAD card yesterday also May 6.. but i still havent received my approval letters thats weird but oh well we got everything i went to apply for my SS today they said i should get it in a week or two ...congrats to everyone getting approved and for those still waiting it is all worth it at the end!!
  12. I Got Approved!!

    thanx guys! i hope that the ones still waiting get approved!! the waiting sucks but it is all worth it when you see the case status moved from initial review!
  13. I Got Approved!!

    thank you Jose!! Thanx Fresita ...i really really hope you get approve soon!!
  14. Wooow i cant believe it!! i got approved!! Application Received: DICEMBER 3rd, 2012 Biometrics Appointment: JANUARY 3rd, 2012 Date of Approval: MAY 31st
  15. Should I Be Worried?

    so that means at least i know they are working on my case and they didnt just put it in a corner right? well i hope everything goes smooth and i get approved... thanx guys