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  1. Yeah addresses don't make a difference in wait time. I have lived in 4 states and over 10 addresses.
  2. Feels good to have a reg 5 year DL. No more worrying about checkpoints.

  3. New Member From Il

    I'm sure your approval is right around the corner Edwin. Best of luck. Thanks to everyone for their support.
  4. Good luck. I hope your wait is short.
  5. At Last Approved!!

  6. Need Some Help Here.

    Exactly it's all based on when they actually look at your app and the officer reviewing your app. My packet was small and I graduated in 2003.
  7. Some Advice.....

    Do they ask everyone at the bus stop for documentation? In IL I see them on the interstate from time to time.
  8. Got My Card Woot~~~

    Some places will ask for the matricula and ignore the birth certificate. Also my matricula expired in 2010 and it wasn't an issue. But you do need to take your EAD so they can verify you with USCIS.
  9. Should I Be Worried?

    If you included your court documents there shouldn't be a problem. Worst that can happen is you get a RFE asking for court depositions.
  10. Some Advice.....

    I also work in a different town everyday. My lawyer suggest I memorize my alien # or write it down and I can use my DL with my alien # in case of an immigration inspection.
  11. I'm New Here

    I also have not taken the route of applying through my wife that is a US citizen. My lawyer said even with a waiver I can get denied re-entry. It's just too much of a risk as of this movement. Good luck with your case. I don't know if you have any children together but I'm sure the kids would help your case.
  12. Biometrics App And My Sobrina No Passaport

    I used my matricula that expired in 2010. The guard that looked at it didn't say anything about it being expired.
  13. March/ April Applicants!! :o

    Process moves pretty fast up to time biometrics are taken. After that it just depends on the service center the app is sent to.
  14. Ss# Delay

    Thanks I hope it's not a big issue then.
  15. Ss# Delay

    I went to SSA office yesterday and the lady at the counter said my card would take twice the normal amount to process because my info on USCIS has my middle name on their info page twice, yet my EAD has no name errors. She said the info would have to be corrected so I don't recieve a card with my middle name on it twice as well. Anyone encountered this problem before? And how long did it actually take to get your card in the mail?