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  1. Hi All, I am calling lawyers to find out if can adjust my status. I came to the USA as a child with a tourist visa and then just stayed here, then I got daca. Been married for 7 years, and my husband got his green card last year. Needless to say I was without status (undocumented) after I turned 18. I got daca when I was 22. I am wondering if anybody in a similar situation has gotten a green card this way. Please share your experience. I've gotten various answers from lawyer over the phone. One lawyer told me I can do adjustment of status and another told me I have to do consular processing. Another one told me that I have to wait till my husband becomes a citizen. This is so confusing and frustrating! Please share your thoughts.
  2. I am glad to help. I also like to double confirm this type of important stuff. I actually haven't sent mine yet because I just got my social a couple of months ago. But I'll do it this week. And yes, you must to send the letter informing the IRS. The SS administration does not do this for you automatically. Everybody I know has done it already. A note about the ITIN: It's not really meant to file taxes from working, that's what a social is for. Its real purpose is to report any other earnings (that are not wages from working), such as gains on investments, gains on saving accounts, and to be able to open bank accounts. But the IRS is happy to receive our tax money nonetheless so they don't prosecute people who use the ITIN for work taxes.
  3. edwin89, About the IRS, you do have to let them know about your new social. Read this: This is well known. You have to send a letter with a copy of your itin and your social and a letter stating you rescind you itin. Don't use your ITIN anymore. Doing this will not put you in any trouble, they already knwo you've been using an ITIN to file taxes, even though you were not even supposed to be working. My questions was more aimed at our contributions to SS and Medicare, for retirement purposes. I emailed a friend yesterday and he told me he went in the SS administration office and asked them to transfer his contributions, and they did it without a problem. So I think I'll do it to.
  4. Hello everybody, I have a questions for those of you that have been approved and have dealt with transferring to your new ssn, after having used a fake or itin for work. Has anyone been able to transfer your contributions (ss/medicare) and taxes that you made while working with a fake? I vaguely remember someone's post saying that they went to the SS office and brought with them their W2's and tax returns, and were able to transfer them on the spot, even though they used a fake. But I feel a uncomfortable doing that since I'm not 100% sure... On the other hand I have read of a lot of people that "think" it is a bad idea, and seem pretty certain that it can have bad consequences. So please share your experience if you have been able to transfer.
  5. Hello everybody, This question is not related to DACA or DreamAct. My mom is planning a trip to visit me, and I bought her an airplane ticket. She isn't legal, but she does have a driver's license. However, she is quite concerned with traveling by airplane and worried that she could encounter an immigration's officer, or some type of border patrol in the airport. And even more concerned since she is arriving in the airport in Houston, TX which is a state with the largest number of deportations. I was wondering if any of you had any personal experience traveling in this situation or have family that has gone through it. Please share your experience with me. Thanks!!!
  6. Hello guys, I am a bit worried because I received a text and email yesterday saying that USPS had delivered my EAD to the address on file. I finally checked my mail this evening and I haven't received it yet. Has anybody experienced this?
  7. About employment...

    I totally second amor's opition. Tweak it a bit, make it seem natural and guilt free. And I wouldn't offer to take less either. I am sure they see potential in you and you deserve what they would pay any other starting employee
  8. About employment...

    Hi Gezinha, I am in the same situation as you. I got a job offer and I am waiting on my EAD, although I have already been approved. But nonetheless, I do not have an EAD and SSN in my hand right now. So I was honest with my future employer and told them that I am waiting on some papers, and that I could start in a couple of weeks. In my case, my employer is fine with it. If this is possible for you. I would recommend talking to your employer about it, and just tell them that you are just waiting for some formalities to get your papers ready for work. if they are reasonable people, they should understand. Good luck.
  9. Life in Houston

    Hello everybody, This weekend I got an offer from a company in Houston, so I am really considering relocating there, and probably live in west Houston, kinda far from downtown. I would like to ask if any of you live or have lived in Houston and what life is like over there. how are the people? what are some nice neighborhoods in the western side (near katy)? Is there some nice nature to go away to? Amusement parks? Is the coast nice? anything else nice? .... Have you guys encountered any internal immigration check points around Houston? ... my research so far is really discouraging Also, I am bringing my mom with me, and since I will have a good job, she won't have to work. I am not so worried about myself, as much as my mom. I think she will be really bored, and knowing how she is, she will want to work nonetheless. Sadly, she is illegal, and I was wondering if she might have a shot at finding a job. If you guys have family or friends in her situation please share with me a little bit on how her prospects will be ... and life in general. Thanks in advance for all your comments
  10. If you could change one thing...?

    I will agree with MarioLC. I think the forum could be better organized. My suggestion is to organizing it in sections. The sections could follow the progression in the DACA process, for those starting, for those waiting, for those getting RFE's, and for those already approved but still want to share/get information about the next steps, and some miscellaneous sections. And before starting a thread, the user should classify the thread accordingly.

    Here is a link to some of the DACA info on uscis One of the requirements is that you have not been convicted of a felony, significant misdemeanor, three or more other misdemeanors, and do not otherwise pose a threat to national security or public safety. So sounds to me you have 3 misdemeanors. Most people can go to a court and have their records expunged by a judge of you have "small" misdemeanors. Though the trespassing is childish and innocent if you explain it in your application. So, in my opinion it might be better for you to talk to a lawyer, Or maybe you hear from other forum members that have experience
  12. can we amend our taxes once we receive our ssn?

    @jose3025 I actually looked up what EIC is. The link below talks about that, and it looks like we do not qualify as one of the requirements is to be a US citizen or permanent resident.,-Earned-Income-Tax-Credit,-Questions-and-Answers
  13. can we amend our taxes once we receive our ssn?

    I just read in another forum something really interesting about this topic(transferring contributions from ITIN to SSN ) Check out the link below, its also a thread. from another forum Apparently some dreamers have had their contributions transferred at the social security office itself. They brought their W2 forms from previous years, and it seems that it was a pretty quick process
  14. how much evidence?

    Other documents that may be good are your medical records, dentist, optometrist records, yearly check-ups. Search your memory for anything you can think of. I called all my doctors and asked them to mail me my records.
  15. Hello everybody, well, this questions are for those that already received their EAD. 1. What does the EAD say on it? Does it in any way mention DACA? Does it have anything under terms and conditions? 2. How many business days did it take to received your card form the initial approval text? 3. did you have any way to track the EAD or approval letters in the mail? USPS or UPS? Did it required your signature for delivery? 4. For those who have applied for a job already, what do you answer when they ask for your status? or what kind of work permit do you have? Thanks for all your responses !!!