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  1. hello to everyone

  2. Deporting Dreamers?????

    that shit sucks
  3. i got approved for chase credit card 500 limit and i was able to get AT&T with my SSN number... bcuz i already had credit with my TAX I.D number under my macys credit card 2 years ago and i like to shop ...and plus my parents got a A1 credit
  4. fucking Arabs fucking with my life smh

    1. Santi


      too harsh - I wouldn't blame all of them...I just blame these two kids...and nothing will happen to CIR...they are already refuting claims made in regards to what happened...Illegal Arabs also deserve the CIR

    2. erika020


      definitely agree with Santi ↑

  5. damn this state i.d taking forever man

    1. Osha


      My DL took 3 weeks to arrive...

  6. they say some thing about who ever is under DACA have to wait 5 years dem apply for a green card some thing like that not sure
  7. Denial.

    mmmm probably bcuz of your school status ...and plus u drop out ..damnn should of enroll in a g.e.d program ..den apply for daca
  8. if u leave the U.S u would not able to enter ... they would bar u for 10 or years more or ... thats if u enter without inspection so if u dont wanna leave the U.S u have some file a Waiver with USCIS and that would probably would take long i dont really know any thing about it. so u have to find that out your self
  9. so next week im buying a Acura TL 2007 for 8 Racks is that a good deal ???

    1. skootA


      not a 2007 a 2005

    2. GcG


      How many miles? Just picked up a 2009 Camry for 6k with 95k miles only needed a tuneup runs like a dream

  10. who cares ???

  11. My Story

  12. how long does it take for dmv to mail you a pic i.d ??

    1. itzel


      at the most it should be 3 least thats the case here in TX

  13. lmaoo at this girl on here ...lying of her ass