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  1. Helloooooooooo, Everbody, feels good at least something is moving forward... August 14th card production started and August 24th got it in the mail. YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY.... I-485 still pending scheduling for interview. Next question, Am sorry I ask alot lol lol My hubby wonders if he can go apply for a driving license with just his work permit? HAS ANYBODY gotten one with just the work permit? Please let me know how it went...
  2. Thank You God!!! You Are Awesome...

    am so happy. Thank you for your wishes. I also hope the same thing you wishes... So they feel the same way. I hope the approval keeps coming for the rest who have not been approved yet.
  3. Check my hubby case status today Got August 2013: 14th got Card/Document production
  4. feeling happy... He went BY HIM SELF to bio metric appointment today. He had it at 10:00 am got there at 8:00 am and was seen. In and Out it went smoothly
  5. I-797E Now What?

    What do you mean by "they told us the they don't believe the letter that was sent with the package how my Husband enter the State? " Did you send a letter as proof of when your husband entered the U.S.? Yes JoseG, he did a letter in the lawyers office stating how he enter the state. The Lawyer Office said the the RFE says that they didn't believe it? He has an appointment on the 30th to write another one. What else can he write to them he also did it a Declaration of Perjury.
  6. I-797E Now What?

    haven't received the letter they mailed on July 9th. I've call them and they said we have to wait for 15 days to see if we received anything? My lawyer received it first than we did. they told us the they don't believe the letter that was sent with the package how my Husband enter the State? We are telling the true... Why don't they believe it?
  7. I-797E Now What?

    Still no letter, awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
  8. I-797E Now What?

    sometimes lawyers don't mail it when they say they do and some have even not mailed all the evidence the client has given them. I think this is the case. The only thing is to wait, wait, and wait.
  9. I-797E Now What?

    My husband hasn't even gone to the biometrics appointment it's until 07/24/2013... I know it seems everything is moving quickly. Hopefully it's something we can provide with any difficultly. We have a lawyer and supposedly he had to summit the whole package... I just wonder what can it be that they need. God hears you we'll get approved quickly...
  10. I-797E Now What?

    I felt something was going to happen. It's a feeling in my gut.... My case status went to RFE what else can they need. Waiting for the letter. Hopefully it's something that we have and can sent ASAP. My husband and I are feeling like a roller coaster. Petitioning for a relative is not as fun as riding on one
  11. United States Citizen

    What is Daca Boimetric Appointment?
  12. Been waiting for EVER for this appointment.

  13. My husband has his appointment for July 24,2013. But does not have a Mexican passport!! Have any of you guys used hyou MATRICULA for these appointment???? HELP PLEASE
  14. United States Citizen

    Biometrics appointment.... For my husband July 24,2013. He does not have a mexican passport. He does have a matricula. Does anybody on here used theirs for there Biometric appointment???? He has made a appointment with the mexican consulate but they gave it to him Until July 25,2013 ahhhhhh
  15. Welcome to the forums Doloresmqu :)