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  1. Official Nebraska Approval or Pending Cases

    Did biometrics October 25th ,2013 Got text saying I have been approved April 1st 2013 Was send to nebraska I had a lawyer .
  2. I had misdemeanor (shoplifting). -.- I totally regret it I took my biometrics October 25th 2012. && I got approved April 1 2013 Almost 6 months but I'm so glad I got it .. I think you will be fine supposably you won't get approved if you have more then 3 Goodluck &' just be patient
  3. Daca Still "initial Review"

    Just wait /: I recommend you don't worry about it to much &' don't let it take over .. I finally got mine approved April 1st.. About how long does it take to receive the permit ?.
  4. I went to my fingerprints October 25th 2012 ... Haven't heard anything from them ... I have a misdemeanor for shoplifting I went to court and stuff and that was like 2 years ago my record just got sealed .. Do you guys think me having a misdemeanor affect my process time what so ever ?...I'm really worried and running out of patients
  5. Rfe

    Oh Okaay ... I feel like I have been waiting for too long already /: but oh well
  6. Rfe

    How do you know if you are going to get an rfe? Or were do you look?...
  7. Went to get my bios oct 25 -.- and still waiting
  8. I went to get my bios don't October 25th and till this day I haven't got my permit .. I'm getting worried its been so long I'm in Nebraska
  9. Welcome to the forums Danii :)