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Found 1 result

  1. Are My Parents The Only Ones?

    Ever since I started dating my parents always told me that i should be careful of who I date. I always argued with them (i was maybe a freshman in HS) that having a boyfriend did not mean i was gonna marry them blah blah. growing up.. they still tell me the same thing (repetition is their parenting style), and I agree with them. Now that i am older i understand that you do fall in love and so on and so on. However, their main point was that i should better myself. For example, they always told me that i should not date (shouldn't is a bit harsh.. isnt it?) someone who is also undocumented. They have engraved in my brain that we came to the united states to better our life, so why should i pursue someone that is on the same level as i am, and can't offer me any more than they can. I mean.. it kind of makes sense right? they chose to bring us here to better ourselves and it would be kind of redundant to not keep moving forward. any who.. im kind of stuck between both sides. the side they have taught me and the side where it's judgmental and unfair. what do you think? are my parents the only ones? forgot to add something very important... shouldnt date those who arennt betterinng themselves.