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  1. I HAVE BEEN APPROVED YOU GUYS!!!!! AND I RECEIVED BOTH MY LETTERS ON THE SAME DAY! JUST RECEIVED MY CARD AND I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER. PRAYERS AND KEEP YOUR HEAD UP FOR ANYONE WHO IS STILL WAITING! This is my timeline. First time application: Application sent: June 16 2014 Lockbox: USCIS Chicago Lockbox Mail Method: Certified Mail Received: June 19 2014 Service center: Texas service center Date of biometrics: July 16 2014 (original) went in July 22nd (walk in) Approval letter for both I-821D AND EAD: 3/26/15 EAD: 3/27/2015

    1. instantana


      wow! God is good!!

    2. ViK


      Yes! great news.

  3. Apparently the texas service center is still on April applications... They've been on April applications since Nov.. i've been waiting close to 8 months now for my EAD.

  4. Yes, currently 6 months now. I'm extremely jealous of those who got approve in 4 months or less lol.
  5. Crossing my fingers for you, I hope it's a good turnout!
  6. Hey everyone, quick question! Any first time applicants who applied around June-July who still haven't been approved?

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    2. pau.rz07


      it's so irritating i'm trying so hard to be patient with TSC :|

    3. ViK


      I just took biometrics today.First time applicant :(

    4. pau.rz07


      ViK I hope the process to getting approved goes fast for you! What service center is your case in?

  7. Is there anyone here who is a first time applicant and they're case was sent to the Texas service center? If so have you gotten approved, and if not what is your timeline?

  8. Typographical Errors On Ead

    I would suggest to call USCIS and see if you can get transferred to a higher level immigrations officer! They'll usually be able to let you know what's going on with your case with more detail. Best of luck!
  9. I honestly love how helpful everyone is on here. I'm glad I found a community of people that are on the same boat as I am and can relate to the stress that we go through everyday. I wish everbody the best with their cases and for those of you who have already gotten approved (first time and renewals) I wish you all the best! God bless you all xxx

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    2. pau.rz07


      I can agree that there are a few with their own opinions. We're all going through the same thing so frustration can definitely get the best of us.

    3. ViK


      Theresa has been very helpful with me.

      I'm sure you all have seen her in the threads.

    4. pau.rz07


      Yes i've seen her posts on a lot of threads! They're definitely very helpful :)

  10. Colorado New License Is Unfair

    Lapancha77 what state are you in? *edit* ok you're in colorado sorry i completely missed that. Unfortunately if it's a law that the state PASSED i dont know if there really is anything you can do about it. I would research more and talk to representatives that deal with DACA and Dreamers to see if there is ANYTHING you can do. Rico, I don't know if i would suggest that. In order to get a license and a state ID from another state you have to reside and show proof that you live and have lived in that state before. I'm from Illinois and my cousin renewed her DACA and license but got the same one as everyone else. My mom on the other hand applied for the other license and it is different. and like you said she isn't allowed to use it for identification purposes other than to a police officer if she gets pulled over. It's weird to me how different states treat DACA applicants so differently.
  11. Ah thank you for the information you guys. You literally made my day so much better. Just praying and waiting is all that I can do at this time! I really hope they're in the May applications! Also,Instantana you should read Psalm 34:18 (or everyone for that matter) Really lifted my spirits yesterday. God bless you all!
  12. I'm so happy for you and everyone else that has gotten approved. I'm gonna guess you're around the chicago area? Mind case was submitted June of this year (first time applicant) and i've heard/noticed the texas lock box is very very slow. I'm on my 5th month of waiting. Ah, this post made me feel a little better knowing that i'm not the only one that has waited so long!
  13. TX service center seems to be the slowest... I'm about to go onto 5 months. First time applicant. In every other service center people have been getting approved after 2-3 months :\

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    2. ViK


      I send mine to AZ I received conformation for both 765-821d it's been 2 weeks...

    3. instantana


      same here mine is in Nebraska center its been 6 months since I sent my application cant wait anymore:(

    4. pau.rz07


      @Pankaj92 I've seen the renewals get approved pretty fast! I hope you get yours soon. Hoping for the best for you! xo

      @ViK So you already got approved and haven't received your employment card? If that's the case i would definitely call USCIS! xo

      @instantana you have so much faith girl, don't stress. It'll come to you! :) xo

  14. Hey everyone, I decided to make my time line and wanted to see if anyone could give me some advice! First time application: Application sent: June 16 2014 Lockbox: USCIS Chicago Lockbox Mail Method: Certified Mail Received: June 18 2014 Service center: Texas service center Date of biometrics: July 16 2014 (original) went in July 22nd (walk in) (When they sent me my biometrics appointment notice they forgot "apt c" in my address. They resent my letter july 18th and received it on the 21st. Days after the original date. FYI I had provided the CORRECT address in all my forms/application.) Approval letter: Pending EAD: Pending Whenever I check my case online it's not even in "initial review" yet... It says "On July 17, 2014, we mailed your document for Receipt Number xxxxx, directly to the address you gave us" I'm just worried... Advice? Is there any way to get your application transferred? I know being patient is key but it's just so hard sometimes. I'm so happy for everyone else who has been approved! Any else in the TEXAS service center? Or anyone that was?
  15. I'M SO HAPPY FOR EVERYONE BEING APPROVED! i'm still waiting and hoping with fingers crossed!