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  1. Congratulations guys I have a hope to get approve too. I am just a little annoyed, my lawyer has not send my paper work. But I have till May 11, 2018. Wish me luck guys.
  2. Hi Vic! My lawyer told me the same thing and she want to send it as soon as possible. I am confused too but I guess they are absolutely right. Best luck.
  3. Hi Alby, Vic. I got a RFE on 02/14/18 and I have some questions about what should I submit if one if you guys could tell me it will be great. Hope we get aprove. Thx guys.
  4. Hi Guys! I’ve been waiting since January 2017 same as Vic and I haven’t heard anything. Vic... what happened with the form you sent, have you get any response. I haven’t call because I am too scare now with all the immigration situation. Now I heard on the news that Ice have acces to the license plates. That makes me very concern of deportation and the record I have. What you guys think?
  5. Thank you so much Alex! I will call next week stay positive and hoping Trump's decision doesn't affect Daca.
  6. Hello guys! What exact number did you called Alex? I need to call as well since my applications was receive on January. Thank you guys.
  7. Hey guys! I am constantly watching on the forum for any updates. I have been waiting since February 1st. God bless all.
  8. Yes I sent the expungement and so many more documents. Thank you ViK!
  9. Hello ViK! I have been checking for any updates about my case, but it only shows the message the send me for the biomectrics. I am not sure if I should go to a more specific page where it shows me the dates the got my paperwork in detail. It has been almost 3 months since I took my biomectrics. Thank you for asking!
  10. Hi Vik! I know everything is turning crazy. Hopefully I get approve there is nothing that I wish but get my work permit again. When did your friend sent the application and how long took for the approval. BTW i am so jealous good for him. Hi Alex!! We have a very similar story but lets keep faith and believe in God and he will make it possible. I was also very unsure to send my application a swell, but you are right there is not too many options now. I will keep you posted of what happens and you too please. Good luck!!!