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  1. Call the 1800 num ask what kind of sec checks, if they know. What can we do from here, the woman i spoke to said something like we can send a request every 30 days so can we submit another one because this is really important and this delay is causing me all kinds of problems matter of fact let me speak to your supervisor lol idk alex thats what i would do lol this is killing me
  2. Interesting. Have no idea, maybe a background check? Idk taking a guess
  3. I know that feeling all too well i think that's exactly what's going to happen we have a little chance i think a little more than the ppl that cant apply anymore
  4. This whole thing has been so frustrating and so cruel:-(
  5. Sign up support group
  6. 1855 756 7520 ext. 36460 9pm est community call about daca rn
  7. Idk if this helps but its everywhere u can also use the hashtag #daca on instagram for some help and im kind of glad im on that list even if i didn't get it expunged. Im still waiting.hope
  8. Dont worry u guys. God already wrote this book nos va a saca adelante no matter where we go xoxo:-)
  9. The lady told me 105 days tho n we sent the request
  10. Yup thats what i did see we getting somewhere now lets hope trump doesnt mess this up lol
  11. I keep calling them if anything now that its been 105 days im requesting a supervisor next lol stay positive .
  12. After 105 days of them receiving ur packet u can call the uscis and do a "service request" to push the form. Thats what im doing on it. I cant wait i need this
  13. Yea sorry i looked it up after lol n what are u going to send u would think u send everything u could what else could they need. What did u send?