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  1. First Job

    I work in HR. I can't complain with the pay, but would like more for myself.
  2. License & IDs by State.

    Yes, for Oklahoma. I just showed my EAD & SSN. Only valid for the validity of EAD, not bad though.
  3. Tax Help!!!

    I've been working w/ a made up name & SS#, I just got my SSN, how should I file taxes this year or not file at all, should I wait till next year now that I'll be using my own info. Anyone on the same boat. Please help any input is greatly appreciated. please help.
  4. thinking about filing taxes. :(

  5. Thanks for the info.
  6. Hi, Who that was already working before DACA & then was approved has stayed with the same employer?
  7. just trying to get a vibe from other users

  8. Hello

    I'm new to this site. I'd like to get to know what this site has to offer. I'm from OK.
  9. State ID's and DL's validity

    hi, I haven't gotten my DL yet, but a friend of mine, his DL is only valid for 2 years (same as EAD) & says Temporary. We're in OK.
  10. Welcome to the forums sandym :)