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  1. I'm so sorry to hear VIk i hope things start to look up for you!!
  2. Okay so for the background information I'll give it to you as a little timeline. 11/16/15- My Work permit was returned by USPS to USCIS 11/30/15- I got the notification and called to get it sent back. They sent an email with a "wait 60 days for delievery" 01/29/16- The 60 days have passed with no new information so I called and the rep either didn't understand what I was trying to say or I dont know but I got an email saying to wait another 60 days. However, I have a job offer that obviously requires a work permit. My parents (I'm 17) want to put in their taxes so they need my social security number, which to my understanding, I'll get it when I get my permit and apply for one. Is it reasonable to call again? or are the extra 60 days normal? To be clear I did not get a notification that the permit would be arriving and I am getting it through DACA! YALL I HAVE SOME AWESOME NEWS! SO AS I SAID I CALLED AND THEIR LIKE NAH WE CANT DO ANYTHING BECAUSE WE DONT HAVE ACCESS TO THAT KIND OF INFO. SO I SEND AN EMAIL TO THE TEXAS OFFICE AND LIKE 10MIN LATER I GOT A TEXT THAT IT WAS SENT! I JUST GOT IT ON MONDAY AND THAN YESTERDAY I WENT AN APPLIED FOR MY SOCIAL AND ITLL BE ARRIVING IN 2 WEEKS! I cant believe it guys it finally feels like im going places!
  3. Moving To Houston Tx

    1-800-375-5283 its just the hotline
  4. Moving To Houston Tx

    Cant say anything about Texas because I currently live here (Chicago) as well. However, you would need to change all your documents to show your change of address which can easily be done online by submitting it when you go through the website. I also imagine you will have to get your work permit stuff in order as well. I wish I could offer more information but as I have neither moved house or state I cant say much. Try calling the national call line
  5. I feel that we need to update this website so here are some questions
  6. Getting To Havard

    theres this thing called google but here i pulled some stuff
  7. Okay so I finally got approved for both DACA and The work permit and now I was just waiting for the card. However today I got a notification at around 12 but didnt get to see it until 10:33 pm. When I finally opened it the notification said, "On November 14, 2015, the Post Office delivered your new card for Receipt Number *********** to the address that you gave us." I run outside like a crazy person but couldnt find it. Than I check the tracking number and it said "Your item was delivered at 11:25 am on November 14, 2015 in MESQUITE, TX 75185" Great great but I live in Cicero Il! All the other stuff was delievered to the right address and I didnt change anything. My questions- Is it my fault or theres? Do I have to reapply? How long will it take to get a replacement?
  8. Waiting Time

    stay positive!!!! I know its hard but you will prevail!!!
  9. Just Another Introductory Story!

    hey man im sooo happy you didnt let your neighbors get the last word!! Youre selling your company? why? I as well as everyone here welcome you of course!! And dont ever worry about making long post because its totally fine! we are here to support and help each other! I have two questions- Are you applying or did you already get daca? after selling your company youre going to make another buisness?
  10. Figured I'd Introduce Myself.

    hey mate </3 I'm sorry this is happening to you! I wish I could help!!! I think all of us as humans kinda float until we find our calling. Keep looking and keep searching mate maybe take a roadtrip or a camping trip and just think long and hard. sure you werent able to enroll into the military but there are other options!!! Please keep us updated!!
  11. Update!

    Warning: you might not care haha Guys I finally did my biometrics appointment! ahhhhh! after months of waiting and frustrating calls it has finally happened! I send out that and the pictures and now its up to them! does anyone know how long its taking to get a response? btw to anyone thats just starting or is still inbetween those 6 months, dont give up!!!! Talk to us if you start feeling isolated and sad okay? thats what this forum is for <3
  12. Job Applications

    sorry mate but if your planning on using daca to work in canada than im pretty sure your out of luck. I think they are gonna take that as abandoment and will refuse to let you back in. sorry!
  13. I called and they gave me a date and time! Thanks for the advice theresa! I called and got transfered over to an immigration agent (scary asf) took 10 min and done call back on the 8th if i havent gotten my paper but its on the 13!!!
  14. Biometrics Appointment>?

    no i barely got my biometrics appointment today!
  15. oh and I got a reciept number but I have no idea where to check the status for that!