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  1. Checking Status Online

    I got an RFE on April 10,2013 how long after you send that in???
  2. Damn cant even do my taxes because Im still waiting on my work permit to come through....

    1. Rawf


      Why do you need a work permit to file for taxes? You can use the ITIN.. or I guess you want to do it with the SSN :P

  3. Thanks brother a lot of help...
  4. what is the difference between daca approved and letter of approval in order to receive your work permit can someone explain please? I send me papers to CALIFORNIA CENTER I live in the Orange county CA...
  5. what is the difference between daca aproved and approved letter in order to receive your work permit can someone explain pleae???

    1. ツ alejandriiukz ㋡

      ツ alejandriiukz ㋡

      With the DACA approval I believe you can just be legal in the US with the work permit you can get driverd license ssn as well as work

    2. Rawf


      Jose also replied to your post with the answer.

  6. Biometrics

    hello everyone im new to this page, I just had my biometrics done in Dec 27,2012 my service center is in california, its now feb 8 2013, and it is still in intial revies is this normal????
  7. I paid my lawyer 750 dollars on top of the other 465 dollars INS was charging...
  8. Hello

    Hi everyone im new to this, I support this page and im from Cali, OC area...
  9. hello everyone

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    2. Jonathan


      does anyone know how long the process is in cali??

    3. pankaj


      Hey... Well now da application has bin delayed I guess it takes bout 30 to 45 days nd I am frm cali I did got approves yesterday it took five montha nd 8 days

    4. erika020


      according to uscis the process can take from 4 to 6 months :/

  10. Welcome to the forums Jonathan :)