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  1. Applied for my SSN today :D About how long should it take?

    1. Rawf


      Took me 4 days.

    2. Rawf


      But can take around 2 weeks.

    3. lucky_chick100


      4 days for it to arrive to you????

  2. one quick question, can i take the mx consular id california issues instead of the actual birth certificate?

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    2. Admin


      make a topic on the forum with more questions!. LOTS OF INFO TO GO AROUND!!

    3. pankaj


      Awesome how long u waited

    4. lucky_chick100


      thanks guys, i waited 3 months for everything. i just applied for my SSN today so im hoping i get it in less than 2wks

  4. i keep checking my case status && my mailbox everysingle day, i'm going nuts lol

    1. Aled


      From what I remember you had your biometrics done not so long ago. Too soon to be going nuts, hang in there!

    2. Rh_ny


      That's what I do everyday :/

    3. JEFF


      i think i do the same every couple hours

  5. Biometrics Fingerprint Machine

    me too, some finger prints we're coming out "good" so she had to re-do but in my head i was worried thinking they we're gonna think im a terrorist && throw my butt back to mexico lol. as soon as she said we we're done, i literary rushed it out of there
  6. Will you?

    i will! in such a case where im not going to make it thru i would like to atleast help someone survive && give the gift of life. lets face it, when we die either we go under the ground or we become to ashes. why not give what we're not using to someone out there fighting for their life? I would be proud to be the cause someone gets a second chance
  7. Bio appt on tuesday went great, just waiting on the response now. ONE MORE STEP :D

  8. Envious of those with a chance

    i completely agree with you guys. It would be really embarazing at times when friends were getting their driving permits && ids or even nowadays when we try to go clubbing some places only let you in if you have a "valid id" its BS if you ask me. Like the saying goes you never know what you have til you loose it, for us we know the value a real SSN has but those who've had it and dont appreciate or take advantage makes me kinda aggravated at times. WE on the other hand will put it to good use && make something greater of ourselfs!!! ONE STEP CLOSER, KEEP MOVING FORWARD
  9. BIO appt tomorrow >_<

    1. itzel


      Ill go good Im sure..just relax..

  10. BIO APPT is getting close! SO EXCITED && NERVOUS!

    1. pswa83


      good luck. it's super easy and you're in and out in no time. then after is the most nervous time. the waiting ;)

    2. Rawf


      Good luck! I did mine today :-)

    3. lucky_chick100


      its tomorrow && its nerve wreckin

  11. Happy Bday to ME! Best present ever would be getting approved!

  12. im hoping before december. i want to be able to work for the holidays to give my bby a better chritsmas
  13. Califorina Area Biometrics

    i guess i got lucky. Im in Santa Ana, CA (orange county) && the office im going to is 3 minutes away im excited for my appt 10/09/12 @ 9am!!!
  14. woohoo BIO APPT 10/09! So excited!!! Almost there :)

    1. Rawf


      Hope it all went well!