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  1. Received my SSN today!! Horay!!! DMV here I come! Appointment is on the 19th :) excited!

  2. Received my EAD yesterday and applied for my SSN today! Cant wait to apply for my Id and DL!!

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    2. Beebee


      @calidreamer @erika020 I got my ID for only two years...I had heard everyone saying it was for 6 years and all that but not true:/ I just hope the driver license is for 5 years .... And I think the law for daca pple goes the same to everyone not on what u show or who helps u at the DMV

    3. erika020


      @Beebee my sister got her ID for only two years as well :/ ... I really hope I get mine for 5 .

    4. silvazquez27


      So what's the password? I would love to have my DL for 5years!

  3. eeww! Not my cup of tea. Out with the NEGATIVE, in with the POSITIVE!!!!

    1. ASRAlbert


      Yes I agree with this!

    2. pswa83


      2nd that!!!!

  4. Update! Form I765

    Thank you guys so much!!!!! =)
  5. Update! Form I765

    Yup, getting an RFE wasnt my favorite but Im glad it's finally over! Thank you for all your help, btw your case is what kept me positive.. so thank you tons!!!!!!
  6. Update! Form I765

    Thank YOU!!!!! I sure will... I didnt wait this long for nothing!!!!
  7. Update! Form I765

    Congratulations to you too!!! way to happy!!!!!! Now time to make everyone else proud!!!
  8. so after we received our EAD we can go to SSN Office?
  9. Social Security Number Question

    Thanks! Getting tons of tips from ya!
  10. question about California DL

    Thanks! Very informative.
  11. Update! Form I765

    Thank you!!!
  12. Ladies & Gentlemen, Guess What....

    Wooohoooo!!! We got approved on the same day!!!!!!!! Keep those approvals coming!!!!!
  13. Update! Form I765

    Thank you so much! keeping my fingers crossed for your boyfriend! Let us know when you get the good news!!!
  14. Update! Form I765

    AAAAAHHHHHH!!!! crying, excited,happy so many emotions!!!! I kinda wanna pinch myself, I cant believe it!!!!!!!!