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  1. Ssn Printout

    thaks man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Ssn Printout

    can i can i get it when i go apply for it this monday ?!
  3. For The Ppl Approved Already

    i didnt get any TEXT or EMAILS, i was just on top of USCIS website like a dog!!!! hahhahah they even made an android APP
  4. can someone tell me what an SSN Printout is!!! where, when ad hw can i get it !
  5. Aprved

    im from orlando FL btw
  6. Aprved

    yes guys, vermont was not good but Nbraka is doing the things right!!! my sister sent hers a couple weeks after and i think she is getting her stuff soon!
  7. Aprved

  8. Aprved

    Lockbox: Chicago, IL Mail Method: USPS Express Mail Date Delivered: November 2, 2012 Date Acceptance Letter of Application Received or Text/Email: November 6, 2012 Initial Review: November 14, 2013 Date of I-797 C Notice of Action (Receipts): November 15, 2012 Date of Biometrics Appintment: December 13, 2012 Walk-in for Biometrics: November 30, 2012 TRANSFER NOTICE: MARCH 26, 2013 EAD Letter/Email/TXT Approval: April 22,2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. APPROVED !!!!!!!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!!!

  10. Just Got Approved!

    thats awesome man! we basically have the same dates, includeing the WALKIN Bios !!!! hahhahaha
  11. DONT SEND YOUR STUFF TO THEM!!!! Ask them to fix your stuff and send you a new one with correct info, but if you send your stuff to them you NEVER ( a little exaggeration ) get your EAD back But yea, first call 1-800 REL-AXED then when thats all done, call 1-800-375-5283 - USCIS
  12. i got transferred to Nebka from Vermnt on the 26 of march! who else is in the same page as me
  13. Ssn & State Id, Coming Soon!

  14. How Long Vermont!?!?!

    I did my BIO the same day as you
  15. Patience

    thxz man!!! i keep thinking about the day i come from work and find a envelope with my name from USCIS ( hopefully not an RFE ) hahahhah !! and says EAD CARD!!!! wahhhhhhhh