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  1. Initial Review

    Its either an rfe that they sent you or probably approved, that happens to everyone wen they are close to hearing a response good luck. Hope u will get approved
  2. Finally On The Road!!

    I live in NY so it if you are in another state, it might not b the same but for me, after I got work card in mail I went to social security office nd I applied for social security card. After I received my social in the mail I went to dmv nd filled out a form for a permit since in my state its required to have a permit before you can get your license. Then I showed my six points of id, like your ead card is 2 points and so on, then I got a number then I waited till I got called up nd took written test. After that I was told I passed nd I got a permit printout the same day to use until my official one arrives in mail. Also here in NY I can apply for my license right away after my permit since im over the.age of 18, as long as I get my 5 hour classes to get a certificate needed to get your license.then you cant schedule an appointment to take your road test. If you pass road test u get prinout license same day till your official one arrives in mail nd thats it, to the road.
  3. Finally On The Road!!

    Thanks guys, I know soon we will all be good.
  4. Finally On The Road!!

    I finally got my NY drivers permit, this feels amazing. I gotta take advantage of it all now. Thank god
  5. Man This Is Some Bull Sh*t

    Yeah maybe the way you typed it.
  6. Man This Is Some Bull Sh*t

    People nedd to understand that when you receive the accepted letter, it just means uscis received it, it doesnt mean you are approved. Nd also u cant get approved before your bios Cus they use bio for your background check. the reason y ppl are getging approved faster this year nd now is because their aren't as many applications like when I applied in sep. uscis accepted my app Oct 1st,2012. I got rfe July 20th, 2013 nd I just got approved like a week nd half ago.
  7. Man This Is Some Bull Sh*t

    You dont wait from wen your bios are done, you wait from when your application was received by uscis..
  8. If I were you I would definitely get in contact with uscis,Cus i've seen on news bout this nd it being a scam to steal or get your info.with uscis everything is done through writing, nd mail.
  9. Missent !!.. Really!!

    I had gotten an email after card production that it was mailed without me seeing a tracking # either but when usps gets it nd they shipped the card, their will be a tracking #. It took mine about 3 days to have it, so if you are signed up for updates you will continue getting updates on when usps receives it, when they ship it to you and they actually update you even when it arrives at home.
  10. Rfe Letter !!!

    Apparently everything that has to do with deferred action takes long. So as long as you haven't been denied, I would try and not think bout it,the rest will fall into place.
  11. Rfe Letter !!!

    I wouldnt worry about it, mine took 2 almost 3 Weeks to get it, you will get it soon.
  12. hoooooly s**t I just got my work card in the mail, this is so unreal. heading to the social security office to get my social. feel so blessed

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    2. Bsosa


      Congrats me too!!(:

    3. chris23


      We got approved around the same time, this is amazing lol leeeeets enjoy.

    4. engineer2mike


      Congrats!!! Enjoy this moment Guys :)

  13. Finnaaally Both Apps Approved

    Thanks @lalacabrales, nd im actually in a edp(external diploma program) program to get my actual diploma so I was in a ged class first for few months then took test to qualify for edp class, but I sent em a letter from school with the date from when I started my ged class to wen it ended, nd second letter saying that I passed my edp test to qualify for program. Nd btw u might need to ask your school about their funding nd if they can add to letter because my school didnt till I asked so u might wanna play it safe.
  14. The Day I've Been Anxiously Waiting For....

    Im glad to see you are finally approved, congratulations!!
  15. Ny Id And Drivers License

    F**k, either way I guess its still better than nothing. Thanks