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  1. Has Anyone Applied For Green Card While Under Daca?

    Hi! I got married last year in June 27th, 2013 and then I applied for green card. I believed I started applying for green card like few months after I got married.It was a long process but I got my green last month. When you apply please read the instruction carefully, because there are hidden forms you have to file. For me I had to file total of 6 forms. Good luck! Let me know if you need help!
  2. Thanks God I'm Finally Approved !!

  3. Best Credit Cards To Apply For After Daca

    I applied for Discover Card and got approved the next day!
  4. Job hunting is not easy!

    1. ツ alejandriiukz ㋡

      ツ alejandriiukz ㋡ helps I got 3 calls from there :)

    2. Luckystar
  5. I'm officially a Registered Nurse now!!! So happy!!! :)

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    2. erika22


      Congrats how exciting that's my future goal. Did you take that state nursing exam?

    3. engineer2mike
    4. Luckystar


      Thanks guys!!! @erika22, yes! that's the nursing state license exam, it was super hard!!!

  6. Got an phone interview yesterday from one of the hospital!!! :)

    1. roadrunner11
    2. splif0clock


      Hope you get the gig. G'luck

    3. Luckystar


      @roadrunner11 & @splif0clock, thankyou!!! I really hope I can get a job after I pass my boards! :)

  7. Florida applicants---- timeline?

    Hi! My timeline says it all!
  8. counting down for my exam date... getting closer and closer...

  9. Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

  10. Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

  11. Happy Holiday Everyone!!! :)

  12. Who Helped you with your DACA application

    I did mine myself.
  13. Getting ready to get my nursing license soon! Got to go study hard!!! :P

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    2. Cochoz



    3. pswa83


      good luck!!! finger crossed!!

    4. Luckystar


      @roadrunner11, @Cochoz, & @pswa83 Thankyou you guys!!! I really need all the luck and wishes I need for this exam!

  14. State ID's and DL's validity

    On Nov. 5th, 2012, I went to apply for my state ID. I show them my SSN, EAD, and two mails that has my name with the address. The process was quick and I thought I would get my ID right away just like others but once I pay them $25.00 the lady told me that I'll get my ID within 30 days in the mail. So, finally on Nov, 30th, 2012 I received my ID and it only gave me a year and on the right lower corner it says in red "Temporary". I wonder does anyone have the same thing like that? But I'm glad that I finally have a valid ID to show others when they ask. Also, I found out that in Florida, you can't have ID and DL at the same time! Once I go get my DL I have to give back my ID to them! I think that's a new rule, because my dad didn't have to do that before.
  15. Finally got my ID in the mail!

  16. still praying for those who are still waiting for good news!!!

  17. I went to get my ID and it went well! I thought I would get my ID right away like others did, but the lady told me that my ID will be mail to me within 30 days! I guess I have to wait!!!

    1. roadrunner11


      Did you not get a paper copy?

    2. itzel


      They should have issued you a temporary copy like roadrunner mentioned....

    3. Luckystar


      @roadrunner11 & @itzel, no... they just told me to wait for the mail! :(

  18. So much to do is overwhelming right now!

  19. Howdy! My name is Christian.

    Welcome to join the big family! Thankyou for sharing your story! Wish you the best!
  20. I just got this this e-mail from USCIS and wanted to share this with you guys! Dear Stakeholder, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Director Alejandro Mayorkas and other senior Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials will hold a stakeholder conference call on Monday, November 19 at 11:45 am (Eastern) to discuss deferred action for childhood arrivals. During the teleconference, Director Mayorkas will provide updates on the process by which certain young people who came to the United States as children may request deferred action and take questions via phone, email and Twitter. If you would like to submit questions in advance, please email the Public Engagement division at [email protected] or submit questions via Twitter to @USCIS. To Participate in the November 19 Stakeholder Conference Call Please use the information below to join the session. We recommend calling in 20 minutes prior to the start of the teleconference. Call-in Number: 1-888-324-7513 Passcode: DHS USCIS has posted updated data on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals process at For further information regarding Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, please visit **This call is intended for stakeholders only. Members of the media should call (202)282-8010 with inquiries. Kind Regards, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services STAY CONNECTED:
  21. Got my SSN today!!! :) Next step... ID

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    2. Luckystar


      @NilviaRR, Thankyou!!! :)

    3. Luckystar


      @itzel, Thankyou!! :)

    4. Luckystar


      @the dreamer, it took me a week to received my SSN

  22. Still waiting for my SSN...

  23. If you could change one thing...?

    I was thinking whenever we want to reply to the person who commented on our status, the person don't know if they don't check back to ourt status.
  24. I'm very happy with the result!!! Go Obama!!!