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  1. went to apply for my social today :)

    1. Calidreamer


      Yay!!! To infinity and beyond!

  2. Already Receive The Card

    I just got it today 2 but I have a question for those of you with a middle name did they put your middle name on your card or just the initial mine just has my initial.
  3. I just checked my status and I got approved :)

  4. more than 3 Weeks since they received my RFE and still nothing :/

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    2. jose2pac0_8


      When were they closed

    3. pswa83


      what service center??

      and who was closed??

    4. roadrunner11


      Stay calm you are really close :)

  5. more than 2 Weeks since they received my RFE and still nothing...

    1. marco12


      yeah u are not the only one this friday I am going to have a month since I sent my RFE

    2. Calidreamer


      OMG! I know what happened! They were closed due to pluming issues, so there is a big delay sorry budy, but at least you know they have it.

  6. I hope I get approved this week....

    1. sunshine


      i hope u get approve esta week jose:)

    2. jose2pac0_8
  7. calidreamer u lost $5 I didn't get approved this week.

    1. Calidreamer


      Okay okay! Double or nothing!!

    2. jose2pac0_8
  8. Has anyone been approved today..

  9. they received my rfe March 27 and I still haven't been approved

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    2. jose2pac0_8


      Calidreamer lol tomorrow is Friday lol

    3. Calidreamer


      But the week ends on Sunday!!

    4. jose2pac0_8


      But,the don't work weekends do they

  10. Finally Approved!

    I am still waiting to get approved they received my rfe last week on the 27
  11. Finally Approved!

  12. march 27 they received my RFE I hope I get approved this week

    1. Calidreamer


      $5 you get approved this week :D

    2. jose2pac0_8
  13. How Long After Rfe To Get Approved

    Hope its soon and thank you..
  14. Today I chec my status and it said they received my rfe today how long are most people waiting to get approved after the receive it..
  15. I just checked my status online and I says they got my rfe a c its being processed I hope I get approved