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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone, I received this RFE letter today I answered no to being arrested and charged because I was never charged, I was only in the car with someone who ended up being charged. The only reason I was taken into custody was because I was with the person. When they released me, I got a copy of a notice from the police dept signed by the releasing officer that I was released without charge. I was going to send them a copy of that along with this letter. Do you guys think that's what I should do? Any advice would be helpful (I'm trying to avoid spending hundreds on a lawyer but will if it's more beneficial)
  2. Finally I got a letter from USCIS and it was an RFE. Anyway, the letter says I need more evidence for the year of 2012. (Now that I recall, I know I didnt send much). So far I collected: Bank statements from every month My phone bills from every month (which I have to print the ones im missing because I went paperless) A few receipts from paypal 1 or 2 postmarked letters sent to me Also, I was thinking of printing out some fb pictures that have the date and the place it was taken. I only thought of that because one of my friends had no other evidence and her lawyer said those pictures from fb would be fine. Would it be a good idea? So far its all I have that can prove that I was here, I wasnt in school last year so I can't send any of that. Would that be enough? Oh! the RFE letter came with an envelope and the letter said to send it in the envelope enclosed (including the letter) but idk if all the evidence will fit in that, at the same time I don't want to make a mistake. It says "Please use the enclosed envelope to mail additional evidence request back to this office."