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    been a mom & wife...i like to hike, snowboard, be on my computer and Ilove to be in school :) ps I want to be a teacher some day
  1. So I'm a Dreamer renewal. I first got approved for DACA on 11/2012(thank GOD). Everything was fine and dandy, I got my SSN, I applied for my license and I got a great job that I love. I got to get in an airplane twice, the first time I went to Vegas for my 21st B-Day and the second I went to Michigan for training.(I was sent there from my work) I have been able to get a car loan, a furniture loan and even a credit card. I was looking forward to next year to get a hunting license and get back in school but now my hole world has done a 360. So I renewed my DACA(thank GOD I got renewed fast) and my license expired on 11/24, I went and I renewed it everything was fine, they gave me a paper and said my license would come in the mail with in the month. Yesterday I received my license and to my surprise it had a big black line and in the middle said NOT VALID FOR FEDERAL IDENTIFICATION, VOTING, OR PUBLIC BENEFIT PURPOSE. I was shocked !!! as my previous license did not have this. So I did some research and I knew that on August 1st the state had passed a law to give illegal immigrants a driver license, and what I found out was that we(DACA beneficiaries) where added to the law and we would receive the same identification as illegal immigrants.(I'm no body to judge or to say who gets what but after we had to go through the hold proses and pay our fines I think we deserve a normal driver license; I'm still very happy for all my fellow immigrants that got their license as a couple of years I was in your same shoes.) From my research this driver license can only be shown for driving purposes, I can NOT present it to get on a plane, to apply for a collage, to get another loan, or apply for another credit card. Not even to get a library card I can NOT use my employment authorization card either because that is only meant for employment. So I'm at a stand still... I believe it is very STUPID excuse my language but how can someone do this to us. We have been a great help to the economy's recovery, most of us have gotten jobs, loans, cars, credit cards, travel, and made plans for future spending's and Now we are nobody again. I can NOT even go to school because they will ask for a valid ID so I may get in state tuition and I don't even have that. NOW WE ARE LEAGLY ILLEGAL I really needed to vent as my future plans have been shattered to pieces but if any one knows how we can fix this, who I can talk to please let me know. And I hope I'm not the only one out there that feels this way
  2. ** What to do with ITIN after receiving SSN **

    how will we know they have canceled owr ITIN. I send them a letter last week telling them I had a new SSN and I send them copys of both but I havent received anything back. Should I just assume they have canceled it or should I call some where?
  3. Question

    so I was wondering can we get sued by an employer for using a false ssn??
  4. I passed my driving test. Im super happy and I already got my driver licanse it exp in a year :( beacuse I will turn 21 on 12/7/13 I asked the lady that was there for how long will they give me the licanse when I go get it next year and she said I would have a license as long as my work permit :( that was disappointing but its way better than not having anything

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    2. lapancha77


      the dirver licanse I got will expiered in a year becasue I will turn 21 in a year Im 20 right now. And when you turn 21 you have to get another licanse.

    3. lapancha77
    4. Cinthya


      I know I've seen people from California get a 2year license. But, For the most everyone got 5 years license. Although things are changing in the beginning of the year. ill put up at new topic later explaining what I know.

  5. :) Raul here... new friends?

    welcome... don't worry you are next in line and will be approved very soon
  6. tomorrow I'm taking the driving test :D any tips HELP?

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    2. lapancha77


      thanks everyone. will be thinking about all of your great advice tomorrow hopefully I pass :)

    3. Rh_ny
    4. Rh_ny


      Good luck !

  7. RFE !!!

    well look on the bright side at least you heared back. when i got my RFE i felt like a weight had been lifted of my shoulders becasue I knew someone had look at my aplication and i was not denied...ok just send your info and with in 2 week you will get approved good luck
  8. [VIDEO]Driving Test Demostration

    great vedios thanks. i have a question what if i dont have a car i can't take the driving test?

    OK so i just applied for my SSN and as soon as i get it i want to go and apply for my driver license. for anyone that all ready have their license what can we expect and what tips can you give us.
  10. if you are a guy what do you want for christmas.

    i think my husban wants new gear for his dirt bike
  11. applied for my SSN it was super fast was in and out in less than 15 min :)

    1. pswa83


      yep yep...some have been able to go back in a few days and get a print out of their number before their actual card gets to them in the mail

    2. lapancha77


      thanks for the info i will definitely think about it :)

  12. so the guys can have some help finfing a great gift for their special someone... I want a perfume called Liasion Dangereuses by Kilian :D and some chocolates !!
  13. so we can get some help finding a gift for our special someone.