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  1. If you go to any Consulado and tell them is an Emergency, they will allow you to get it the same day. Don't wait for your appointment just show up early and take your biometrics appointment with you.. You should get it done as soon as Monday.
  2. In California you can get 6 wrong 3 tries.
  3. U.S Citizens and Dreamers

    Thank you Maria . Yesss I do dream big.
  4. U.S Citizens and Dreamers

    Don't you guys hate seeing a U.S citizen out in the streets, or being gangsters. Not appreciating their legal status to become someone greatful in this great country. Or even worst seeing our own dreamers out in the street being gangsters, like really we are here to become someone our families will be proud of. Not causing problems to our coummunity. Although, some "peolpe" in this country will never admit this country is this powerful thanks to us immigrats. We shouldn't leave that image from our community. In addition, I have to admit MOST of us are doing great things with our lives in this country. As a dreamer, I have to tell you I feel proud to be part of the "DREAM ACT COMMUNITY" I don't have the privilage to know anyone in this forum personally, but when I read someone of your story's, and I see all the hard things each and everyone one of you been through makes me get so mad at people that throw away their lives in the streets. Like I said I proud to be part of this dream act community, and I also feel proud of ALL OF YOU that put our name high with the great things you are doing in this country. I just wanted to let you guys there are people out there who appreciate your hard work just like my family feels proud of me I feel proud of all you doing great things.
  5. About employment...

    That's great. Congrats on your new job Gezinha
  6. Hi :)

    Welcome to the forums Cynthia
  7. Uclabeatsc: My license is valid for 5 years and my I.d is valid for 6 years.
  8. Hi everybody

    Welcome Maria
  9. Your First Car after Deferred Action

    BMW X5 I've been dreaming with one for long..
  10. California service center

    California service center: Went to biometrics on Oct 25th, and I got approved on Nov 9th.
  11. RFE !!!

    Good luck Rh_ny I wish you the best. My lawyer had me send all kinds of papers. My application was really thick, so was my boyfriend's. Don't settle for what you think is "enough" anything with name and date is what they are looking for.
  12. DACA Approvals Surpass 50,000!!!! :)

    It feels good to know I am part of that number .
  13. I had "Truancy" even worst in the eyes of USA. Got 36 hrs of community service and a $380.00 ticket not sure if is consider a misdemeanor or not. I got approved on Nov 9th.
  14. Your so helpful . Thank you once again I will check right now!
  15. Thank you so much for the info tengo mucha fe en dios that it will be good for 5 years. I know is not 100% but I have this feeling it will be good until 2017.