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  1. I got my license in the mail a week ago right after they announce they wouldnt give them. I dont know if its valid thou.
  2. N.C will issue drivers license to deca recipients!!!!:-) i got my license and im so glad its valid now!

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    2. roadrunner11


      Yay glad this nonsense stopped

    3. Danny_963


      california is also giving driver's licenses to the ones that are approved, i got approved on so i will be getting my SSN and Driver's License

    4. x0_michy


      Happy for you guys !! :D

  3. License & IDs by State.

    Im waiting and hoping they send my license in the mail soon .
  4. I dont know i went monday to get my license but i dont know if they will mail it to me either.
  5. Denial Of Licenses For Dreamers. !!

    I went monday to get my license and passed they took my pic and said it will be 2 weeks to get in the mail.And i just heard this yesterday!!! Im worried :-/ i dont understant why they are doing this on the dmv drivers manual it says legal presence not status so why go back and change stuff now.
  6. I went to the dmv to take my written and drivers test and passed both so they game me a temporary license for 20 days. For those that have gotten your license already how my days or weeks did it take to arrive in the mail?
  7. DACA Process [Timelines]

    Application Lockbox- Vermont Date apt delivered- September, 28 Date of Biometrics - October, 23 Date of approval- dec 20 Applied for ss -dec 26 Received ss- jan 3 Applied for drivers license- jan 7
  8. Welcome to the forums Gab829 :)