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  1. September Cases

    yay! finally my turn. I also sent my application on September.
  2. 7 Or 8 Month Club..from Vermont?

    Sent my application September 18, 2012. Went to my biometrics October 24, 2012. My applications are still on "initial review." :/
  3. I Got Approved This Morning!!! :)

    congrats!!!! It was about time. Good luck with the rest of the process.
  4. Approved!!!

  5. Good thing is that our papers are there somewhere in the office close to getting a approval stamp lol I have a feeling will hear from them soon, people who applied on August have been receiving approvals this month.
  6. I have the same timeline as you, still waiting to be approved. I guess all we can do is wait, it sucks though I want to start working and apply for my drivers license.
  7. Are My Parents The Only Ones?

    I get what your parents are saying obviously they don't want you to date a cholo or a low life Let's just remember where we came from and in my opinion legal status doesn't matter you can fall in love with anyone I dates girls that are citizens and have better economic statuses then me honestly they didn't care about my legal status but I wasn't a low life and been illegal didn't stop me from making myself better I drove worked illegally I took risks I wasn't going to stand there doing nothing lol Anyways yes finding the right person at our age is hard especially with our situation we want the best for our future but love is mysterious and you fall in love with the person you least expect (even if he/she don't have papers lol) so we have to always find a way to improve our lifestyle even if there's no legal status the opportunities are right in front us we just have to work hard to get on top.
  8. New To This!

    Good luck those approval papers will come in the mail soon =].
  9. Just reading everyones comments makes me realize you guys went through hard situations because of your immigration status. Unlike me I had it, still have it easy right here in California. Been undocumented here is no big deal, everywhere you go here you see a hispanics here lol obviously not everyone is legal here so you feel more comfortable living in the area. Your legal status is common here I guess you feel welcome to be around here. Been undocumented has not affected my love life, all you date here is latinos/latinas lol. It did affected me when I was in high school I turned down many good opportunities, job offerings, and the privilege to have a drivers license. I also knew I couldn't enroll in the university I wanted to go. After high school I didn't go to college after one year, so in the mean time I was working I had to settle for some crappy jobs because of my status, but I managed to get a good spot in a marketing company. Since then getting into clubs was not a big deal right here you get a fake ID and your good to go in. Everyone partys here in Cali so guarantee you'll have a good time lol, the only issue was not been able to drive legally and persuading your dream job, traveling, taking free courses, etc. My advice for you guys, don't be embarrassed of where you came from, we are all special people, unique, its always nice having a friend from a foreign country, and hearing your stories people can appreciate you and understand the struggles each of you went through in this country. Be proud of where you came from not everyone has same privilege as you do. We just have to get out there and share our stories and good luck for those waiting for approvals !
  10. DACA Process [Timelines]

    Application sent: September 17, 2012 Application received: September 20, 2012. Date of Biometrics: October 17, 2012. Till this day still under " initial review "
  11. Taking Too Long?

    Same here, I thought I was the only one lol. Anyways most of the applications are getting approved. We just have to remain calm and hope they accept our applications soon. Good Luck! !
  12. I have the same exact dates as you except I had my Bios on October 17, 2012. (my center is California) Currently Im still in "initial review " let's hope January is the month we get approve, in the mean time we have to stay positive, and encourage each other. =]]
  13. I Feel So Close But Yet So Far.......

    Yes it sucks especially when you reach your teenage years not been able to work, drive, travel, apply for financial aid. You feel like you don't fit, other than that California is one of the states where more undocumented people come to live, so it feels more like home in Mexico (for me). The bailes, food, culture, is spread all over the state so we get a lil break here lol. Stay positive you'll get your papers soon, January is the month for us =]… [ Im also waiting for my documents to get accepted ]
  14. Muchas gracias, y si solo un permiso puede cambiar la vida de uno nos beneficia en muchas maneras. Y si es verdad ay que mantener una buena actitud y conducta para resivir lo mismo. Tambien te deseo buena suerte y a echarle ganas.
  15. Ojala tengas tus papeles para entonces yo me acuerdo que eso lo tenian en mi escuela pero no podia aplicar me sentia de menos por que mis amigos trabajaban y manejaban. Pero mantente postivo que en estos dias nos tocan las buenas notocias.