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Found 3 results

  1. Approved!

    I am very happy to share the good news with my fellow dreamers; this morning I got an email from USCIS telling me that I have been approved and that I should be receiving my card very soon. This forum has been very helpful and I would like to thank all those who showed support. I'm still going to be around to show the same support for those who are still waiting. Keep your hopes up. Applied: 11-23-2012 Biometrics: 12-21-2012 R.F.E. Sent: 9-5-2013 R.F.E. Response: 10-11-2013 Last Service Request Made: 1-13-2014 Approved: 2-3-2014
  2. Hello I currently live in Florida and over here Deferred Action Students cannot qualify for in state tuition,(even though I've lived here for four years and attended college through dual enrollment), or finical aid. So i was thinking the best decision would be for me to move to California, live there until i can get in state tuition and finical aid, meantime I'll work. The problem is i have no knowledge about California, can anyone tell me good areas? Cheap areas? Good community colleges? Good colleges? Whats the job market like? Or anything else you can tell me about there. If you can answer any of these questions or tell me anything at all it would be greatly appreciated. Nevertheless, thank you for your time!
  3. "Calling an immigrant “illegal” before the conclusion of immigration proceedings is like calling a criminal defendant “guilty” before a jury has rendered a verdict." So many people that are unaware of the issues of immigration or that are in opposition of the DREAm ACT and DACA are unkowingly and inaccuratly using the term and offending the very people they describe. Everyone has a different case and reason for being in the USA. And many myths have been rendered to the ignorant mind. What's your thoughts? Opinions? Have your friends ever used the term and you corrected them? Or that "undocumented" residents do pay taxes, and so on? To read more about this, visit: