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  1. Any Luck With Congressman/woman?

    hello yes, I was waiting since august 29, and I barely got approved May 23rd. I contacted my congress man and he was a huuugee help! He helped me get approved
  2. Deferred Action Case Still In Review!

    Hi, I was in your same situation. I sent my application august 27 and I did my biometrics october 1st. I was barely approved May 23 2013. What I did to get approved, I contacted my congressman Raul Ruiz & he and his office helped me out a lot! Is Raul Ruiz your congressman as well?
  3. Thank you to my Congressman Raul Ruiz for helping me get approved! I sent my congressman a letter regarding my case of how long it was taking about 3 weeks ago. After the 2nd week I sent him the letter, I was finally approved after waiting almost 9 months :) !! A few days later after I was approved, the office of Congressman Raul Ruiz called me asking me if I had received my letter saying I was approved and I said yes and they were so happy for me :) I suggest anybody who is waiti...

    1. JoseG


      36th District here as well :) Congrats on your approval. I'm still wondering during what circumstances does a congressman help your case move along, considering some people haven't been as lucky.

    2. Alequiroz


      Thank you JoseG :)


  5. Its Taking So Long

    yeah it is a long time :/ lol Oh believe me, I am not calm !! But now since I sent out a letter to my congressman, I feel like this will help me, well at least i hope it will Yeah you should, Where do you live?
  6. Its Taking So Long

    Hey guys, no worries! Time will pass by and we'll all be approved I've been waiting 8 months since August :/ I'm sending my congressman a letter today, I hope he is able to help me out. I filled out a form he has online so anyone with a federal problem can contact him, I filled it out, signed it, and I'm mailing it today. (I perfer mailing than faxing). I am feeling more hopeful than ever right now Hope you all get approved soon!!!
  7. Hello! Been Waiting For 7Months Now

    Me and you have the same timeline. I sent my app on August 27 and was recieved August 29. & I haven't been approved yet either I did my biometrics October 1st as well. & my case is in California Service Center. My sis and I applied the same day, did biometrics the same day and she was approved on December and I still haven't been approved. I have done 2 service request and both of the times they have told me to continue waiting. I believe it has been 8 months of waiting. I keep having hope they will just give me a decision but they don't. This is so hard because idk wat else to do anymore. I really wanna move forward and start working:( You and your cousin should have faith and hope you guys will get accepted. I just don't know and understand what is taking them so long
  8. It Worked!!!!! :)

    This is soo wonderful!!! Congrats!!! I'm going to do this as well, even though they responded to my 2nd service request, I am still determined to contact my congressman Thank you for sharing this with all of us
  9. August??

    i really hope not either :/ this is so frustrading, it really is. yesterday it was 8 months that i've been waiting. Who is your congressman?
  10. August??

    yeah well the first service request, all they did was email telling me to wait :/ I really hope this second request does help me out to get noticed by the agent who has my file. I will let you know when they respond to me. If they don't and if they tell me the same thing as the first one, I'm going to send a letter to my congressman. just like some other person did and it worked for her, so maybe that'll work for me too :/ have you tried doing a service request?
  11. Uscis Called Regarding My Case

    tinkerbell1, I sent you a message!
  12. August??

    Yes! I've been waiting since August 29th I am on my second service request.
  13. Thanks God My I765 Is Approve.

    Wow your case went by very fast! That's great! Congrats I've been waiting since August. It's been 8 months already, this really shows that its not by who sent it first or who is sending it later. I'm happy more and more people are getting approved, hopefully we can all get approved soon
  14. Uscis Called Regarding My Case

    Congrats ) I sent my application in august also, so hopefully im next By the way, did they also sent you a letter for the biometrics again?
  15. September Applications

    I sent mine on August & still NOTHING