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  1. Its crazy how you would think that a site as this one would have people that are willing to help.and support each other. Funny how when people ppst negative things, people flock. as soon as you post something positive it goes unnoticed. Better yet not unnoticed, the hate deep down in peoples hearts just spews out. Shame Shame

  2. College Question

    Hello guys, I have a quick question for those who have been to college or are currently attending. I was accepted to my local college and qualify for instate tuition since i went to the local high school. The admissions lady asked me to fax my daca approval letter and I would like to know if its necessary to send it since I will be paying out of pocket. I don't see why she needs it when I have my social as well as being a resident to the town . thanks in advance.
  3. The One Year Club

    keep your head up !!
  4. Went back to dmv & passed my road test the second time. Yay me & also got accepted into college paying in state tuition. God is good !!

  5. So I went for my road test today and I failed. Feeling a bit sad :(

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    2. zobo411


      Aww its a good... I passed my i passed my road test the first time try !

    3. Martha


      Just about Everyone I talked to failed the first time. Don't feel bad, I'm probably going to fail the first time too.

    4. WGATAP


      Thanks guys, I went back and I passed !!

  6. Been working long & hard hours. Hoping everyone is doing well

  7. Questin About Legal Status...

    You cannot mark legal resident because that means you have a green card. With Daca you only have lawful presence until your work permit expires. Depending on your illness, you might be able to get help regardless of immigration status. Talk to someone and find out what to write down. You don't want to mark down the wrong thing and then be prevented from qualifying. If you ever need help with finding programs to help, feel free to inbox me
  8. Applied In 2013

    I applied this year. I''m sure that you will get approved soon. Most people are getting approved this month and last month for some reason.
  9. Got a job going for second interview today. Wish me luck !!

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    2. WGATAP


      Thanks @ Hello_keren It's better than nothing lol. I applied at Mcdonalds as well and they never called.

    3. cheated


      good luck wga! i always consider you my approval twin because we got approved around the same day.. im going for my 1st interview on friday.. this is a big deal for all of my family

    4. WGATAP


      @Cheated awww good luck, I hope you get it,i'm sure you're excited :).

  10. I don't understand why I can't access this site from my house, but I can get on here from elsewhere.

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    2. WGATAP


      thanks @Rawf

    3. Admin


      Let me know if you guys see any downtime. There shouldn't be.

    4. WGATAP


      @Admin I tried to get on here last night, but it would not let me. Said something about error server 500

  11. Hi, I'm Jorge

    Welcome to the forum. Your time will pass by fast being on this forum. Most people on here are very nice & friendly. Good luck on your process!!
  12. Approval Question??

    What does the ead approval letter say? I only received my ead and a sheet of paper with info about the ead.
  13. Background Check

    Try here. I paid $10 for my record from the state police website. I was also able to print out a certificate that shows my record is clean Not sure if it will be the same for your state. https://records.txdps.state.tx.us/DpsWebsite/index.aspx
  14. I hope my card gets here Today.

  15. Opening A Bank Account

    I have sovereign bank. They let me open the account even though I don't have a social yet. I have a classic student account and I don't have any fees for both savings and checking.