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  1. Fre2509 im in the same waiting situation as you are.
  2. Just wanted to share my timeline. Go luck to everybody that is still waiting as well. Application Sent:3-2014 (lawyer) Lockbox: Chicago Received:3-24-2014 Sent to Texas Bio:4-16-2014 Approved:Waiting My lawyer said that it takes about 6 months. So hopefully I will hear from them in September. I constantly check my status from doesnt go pass intial review and just says my application was received on March 24 2014.
  3. 2014 Applications

    Date Application Sent:March 2014 Lockbox: Chicago Mail Method: Received Date:march 24 2014 Date of Acceptance e-mail/text: Date of I-797 C Notice of Action: Service Center: Texas Date of Biometrics: April 16 Date of EAD Approval: Waiting Date of EAD Received: Waiting Im still waiting. Lawyer said it takes about 6 months. So hopefully in September. The only thing that concerns me is that I check the status on the website and it just say the date when the received the application.
  4. 2014 Applications

    2014 Application
  5. Welcome to the forums jaac89 :)