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  1. The job hunt begins its hard trying to get a job in a hospital with no work experience! But Im gonna kick some butt my resume looks awesome just need someone to give me a chance :)

    1. franklin.m
    2. erika020
    3. Luckystar


      You might can get a nursing tech job at the hospital or a sitter! They mostly hire you if you already a nursing student! :) Good luck!

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  2. Yay got my social in the mail now it's time to work my butt off and apply at every hospital possible!! Have a great weekend everyone !!

  3. 3 Months And Still Jobless =[

    That's really good advice Im even going to take all of this into consideration
  4. Social Security Administration

    Yes I think mentioning the card helps because they can help you faster since they just put all your information in the system. I had to wait 2 1/2 hours until I finally asked the lady again that I was from the deferred action and she finally just did all the paperwork it took her about 5 minutes she really helped me out. I hope I receive my card soon But I also just took my card and my birth certificate thats all they asked me for. When did you go apply for your social security card?
  5. So Im thinking ill just wait until my social is delivered by the mailman because going to the social security office to see if I was assigned a number and waiting forever doesn't sound like fun

    1. Blazinknight23


      Just wait 2 days and go back and check, i went today and the front office worker told me to come back tomorrow

    2. erika22


      What the heck really omg!! maybe ill go tomorrow when I get out of class maybe they will have assigned a number for me already!!! Yay how exciting!! thanks Blazingknight23

  6. wooohooo just received my card in the mail off to the social security office then to my interview :) hope others get approved today as well!! Good luck!

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    2. erika020


      yay! I'm happy for you!! ^_^

    3. pankaj
    4. erika22


      Thanks everyone and it took 3 days because I was approved Tuesday and got it today so that was good and all I needed for the social was the visa and my birth certificate there was so many people though I was there for 2 1/2 hours

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  7. I have been receiving texts from USCIS and I guess they give you a tracking number with USPS to track your card! Pretty cool I wonder if this is news because that's a great idea!

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    2. erika22


      @lencho90 hopefully tomorrow is a good day for approvals hopefully tomorrow is your day :)

    3. erika22


      @engineer2mike I know the waiting sucks but that one day when you least expect it you'll get approved just watch !

    4. lencho90
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  8. I Finally Got Approved!!!!

    Thanks I am ready to kick life in the butt and get the ball rolling I finally get to work in what I always wanted to !!! yay lol
  9. I Finally Got Approved!!!!

    Really well mines said USCIS so I was like omg omg what is this!!! and yea it was the approval
  10. I Finally Got Approved!!!!

    Thank you so much!
  11. Official Nebraska Approval or Pending Cases

    Yea maybe your next because our timelines are so close how exciting
  12. Official Nebraska Approval or Pending Cases

    @lencho I know it's weird I sent my application November 5th did my bios December 5th and got approved February 5th lol but yes your definitely next!!!
  13. I Finally Got Approved!!!!

    Thanks you guys I know it was very overwhelming today reading the emails I had to go wash my face and make sure I wasn't dreaming lol
  14. Official Nebraska Approval or Pending Cases

    Hello people!!!!! I just woke up to three emails from uscis!!! I have been approved and my card was sent into production yesterday!!! I'm am extremely beyond happy and hope we all get approved soon!!!
  15. Omg!!!!!! Just woke up to three emails from USCIS I have finally been approved!!!! I'm crying and smiling of joy thank you god!!!

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    2. ツ alejandriiukz ㋡
    3. Rh_ny
    4. erika22


      @chris23 yes I think your close to being approved also we've all been waiting so long that I think any day now you will get approved its the best feeling ever you wait and see!! February is our lucky month people!!

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  16. Today wasn't such a good day!! Uscis approve me already!! I'm so bugged by this situation already!!

  17. So I dreamt I got a letter from USCIS saying that I got an RFE boo!!!! Not even in my dreams I get approved! Lol

    1. splif0clock


      You know what they say, a dream is an answer to a question that we don't seem to have an answer too when we are conscious. lol stay calm and let it be :D

    2. Socrules7
    3. Bahamagirl


      This is something that you think of constantly thats why you dream about it, & you are really worried so it becomes a NIGHTMARE!! I'm worried about that RFE also.

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  18. Omg this novela has me on my toes!!! Lol another week and nothing I guess January wasn't my lucky month after all!!

    1. sanchez05
    2. erika22


      La de Amor Bravio

    3. sanchez05


      oh okay ami me gusta la de amore verdadero LOL !:) esa casi no tube chance de verla so no le entiendo ! :(

  19. Just Got Approved This Evening!!

    Congrats how exciting!!!
  20. I Got Approved This Morning!!! :)

    Awesome congrats!!
  21. DACA Process [Timelines]

    What center was your information sent at?
  22. Okay so I totally broke my promise lol I just checked my status info on USCIS boo!!! Come on Nebraska!!

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    2. jimenezerika
    3. msminci


      Ive told myself the same and each time i fail! Uggh this waiting sucks!

    4. jimenezerika


      me to but i cant help looking :) hopefully soon :)

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  23. Official Nebraska Approval or Pending Cases

    Really cool well my goal this week is to not check my status online but I think I might not make it lol
  24. Okay another week and nothing! This following week I am promising myself not to go look at my case on uscis! It's going to be hard but I have to just stop thinking about it because the more I think about it the more anxious and annoyed I get!!

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    2. erika22


      @Jimenezerika I know me too hopefully we start getting approved soon.

    3. erika22


      @erika20 I know today I read 2 chapters and did homework all day I'm planning to do that all next week and then maybe when I log in next Saturday I'm approved or something!!

    4. jimenezerika


      i hope so ! :) i see we are like 3 erika's that are waiting :)

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  25. Official Nebraska Approval or Pending Cases

    Congrats on getting approved!! Good luck!! how did you find out did you check on the website? Well thanks for the post hopefully I am very close!