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    books. traveling . my daughter.
  1. I Got Approved

    well this is a happy ending .
  2. I Got Approved

    people need to be more responsible , such kids,
  3. Daca Not Approved

    it must hurt knoweing when some one gets denied , hopefully they can re apply.
  4. What's This?

    oh another of those , gawd have mercy on you my boy , good luck with that tranfer it can be good news or it can me the same as before still waiting.
  5. just got my hair cut done and i look alright , had to cut my mullet lol

    1. Calidreamer


      Oh thank goodness the mullet is gone!! Lolz jk

  6. Rules And Regulations!

    wait why or what you meen zexual contents? if i said anything im sorry , ill restate my stuff again.
  7. Daca Not Approved

    she didnt say why they denied her, or what the letter said this is bs.
  8. House Oks 'washington Dream Act'

    oh very interested indeed. thanks.
  9. Me, Work, Unpaid Taxes. Help!

    itgonna takea hile if you go to the irs , just faster to ask hes boss woudlnt it be? unless hes bossdidnt report him for hes taxes then irs can help.
  10. Me, Work, Unpaid Taxes. Help!

    you just ask your boss for the form, thats weird , they always send them by mail when its time for taxes, but some bosses charge you to give you another copy, since you said you have a fake adress. or some dont charge depends what and ass he might be, when you do your taxes i think they give you and itt thingy not quite sure .
  11. It Has Happened!!

    jelouse ! lol jk im happy another raza has become a dreamer.