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    Gaming, being the best mommy, cooking, drawing, chocolate. I wanna go to school and work, too!
  1. Loving the cold, at the same time I wish I had a fireplace.

    1. meltop80


      it's freeeezing outside lol

  2. I got anxious and checked my case online, and found out that on December 21st, they sent out a letter requesting either more information or evidence for my case. Has anyone been through this same situation?? I'm honestly losing hope since I really didn't have much to turn in (I have not been working or going to school for more than 3 years) therefore, I hope they're just wanting simple information. Otherwise, I really cannot acquire more evidence...
  3. SUGGESTIONS please...

    Yep, noticed you've been waiting longer so I'm definitely not gonna complain much lol you'll get something soon though I'm sure. Just hang in there a little longer, and let us not forget...patience is a virtue?? Haha
  4. Hello all.

    Awesome, expect a friend request by the name MattsKndapple89 (: happy gaming!
  5. Favorite type of music?

    I've never tried that, thanks. I usually always use Pandora. Has supplied me with many awesome bands
  6. Favorite type of music?

    Love Indie rock, electronic, 80's new wave, and I've recently had a thing for folk too after listening to Mumford & Sons (: The Killers, Passion Pit, Nine Inch Nails, Arctic Monkeys, And Tokyo Police Club are some of my favorite bands (:
  7. SUGGESTIONS please...

    Omg I know what you mean! The fact that I'm a very impatient person does not help at all. Been waiting since November 19th to hear something back (that's the day I had the Biometrics appointment) I've decided to avoid checking my email. Though I'm telling you right now...impossible! lol...
  8. Hello all.

    Welcome! I'm somewhat new too (: My best friend happens to be Mr. XBOX Too lol
  9. Wonder what to wear for Xmas eve...

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    2. Cochoz


      I've never heard any complaints for a girl not wearing anything. Does that count?

    3. Wisedevil22


      Thank god I already went Christmas shopping #nohomotho... Happy holidays btw!

    4. Candy89


      Haha...yeah totes. Happy holidays!

  10. Almost an End to 2012

    That is awesome, always great to hear success read lol. Hope next year goes even more wonderfully for you, as well as the rest of us (: 2012 happened to be a crazy one for myself. Actually there was really nothing great about it. This is my third year not working or going to school. So hearing the news about DACA was just...amazing. I really did tear up when I saw the news. From that moment I knew all the waiting had paid off! I've been living in this country for about 18 years, and this is the break I needed. I met a wonderful man, whom I love dearly. Traveled across the country to come see me for at least four days. (Getting mushy, pardon me lol) I hope to go see him this coming February and meet his family. If I can't then, he said he'd make the trip again. Just so grateful to have him. I have yet to receive anything in the mail, but I'm being as optimistic as I can. I want to get a job and continue my education. Make my three year old son proud of me, and finally learn how to drive next year lol. Also... I want an expensive jacket! >_< Wish you all very happy holidays and a very very happy, prosperous, fun filled new year! (':
  11. Hobbies and activities

    No lol, just plain ol' fun and a whole lotta all-nighters.
  12. Traveling WITHIN the US (Domestic)

    I was wondering about this too. I was planning on going to NC in February but recently found out I'm not gonna be able to obtain a state id because I live in AZ aka the most racist state ever. So I pretty much discarded any hope of going. However, reading this post has given me hope again! I did not know you could fly if you only had your foreign passport to present. And could anyone verify if using the EAD is acceptable, also?? I really want to make that trip. Thanks! :'D
  13. State ID's

    Oh all right awesome (: ...ummm... You mean driver's license?? Or does that also include state ID's? Because I don't need a license since I don't even know how to drive...
  14. State ID's

    Was just wondering what documents you'll need to get a state ID? *maybe a bit of a silly question but I'm honestly clueless*
  15. :) Raul here... new friends?

    Best of luck to you (: here's hoping for that approval as your Xmas gift. P.S. my boyfriend is from NC too! Hopefully I'll be able to visit him on February.