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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everyone, I been waiting for almost 3 months on my case. I been checking my status online daily, and today my case changed from review to "Updated your name for your Form I-821D" has someone had this update before? what does this mean? thanks in advance for the help!!
  2. Well its been almost two months since i received my permit and i haven't been able to find a job, I have been filling applications left and right and nothing man I'm so damn frustrated ever since i got it i only had one job interview and they only called back to say that the position had already been filled. Im so stressed out about this whole situation.
  3. Hello, I've just been accepted to dream act and i need help filling my fafsa application since i have no clue what to do and what numbers apply to what can some one please help me? I leave for college soon and have no clue what to do
  5. i was wondering if any of you know or are some of the few who have been denied? i'm really curious. i'm nervous also, i've been waiting since Oct 29 (the day i went for my fingerprints) to hear from them but nothing....
  6. So I have been APPROVED! I NEVER received a text message! But I did receive an EMAIL! Of the early yesterday morning of November 30th, I received an email from uscis. Today, the first of December was the day I viewed the emails haha. The email read as this: Application Type: I765 , APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT AUTHORIZATION This was sent at 9:30 a.m 11/30 Application Type: I821D , Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals This was sent at 11:30 a.m 11/30 Feeling: With school finals coming up, I stopped focusing on my case. I used to come to this forum everyday, hoping and wishing my anxiousness would be healed by the constant good news of the associated members. But GOSH! That helped for so long. Even though your happy for others, you do not really feel jealous or upset, but begin to get a little more anxious and worried for your case. So after letting go, USCIS contacted me of my change of statues. I do not know how to feel. I never been the girl that ever won anything, so it's a new feeling. Like I am still in disbelief. Seriously It took me a whole day to muster up feelings of happiness! So my point of this topic is not to rant on about myself being approved, but too let those others that have still been in the "initial review" and been waiting, in what they would consider a "longer time" that I UNDERSTAND. ITS EMOTIONAL AND STRESSFUL. IM WITH U. BUT YOU HAVE TO LET GO AND LET GOD TAKE CONTROL.
  7. im a senior in high school, have so many senior fees to pay, college tuition to worry about so i cant afford a lawyer at this time. i want to try doing the application but im kinda scared of messing up & getting declined. is there any one that has gotten approved yet that can help me out.
  8. im worry :(

    so once i send my application, what happens. A lot of people are stating that you get an email or mail package what does that mean? A lot of people are also saying their being send to a lock box whats that or what?
  9. Can some one help me find the application please?