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  1. My husband just got approved!!! Yay!!!
  2. sorry so late, but Congrats!!!
  3. Try to contact your congress man and tell him about your situation, i'm sure he can help because it's been way too long for you. Best wishes
  4. Thank you JLMan and Danii for your input, it's almost six months since he did his biometrics and still nothing i'm starting to get worried.
  5. Hi stolenlacshan, my husband still hasn't been approved nor have we heard anything from uscis but I'll let you all know when i hear something
  6. @chris23. i hope you get aproved soon. keep me posted @jd_208. thanks for support.
  7. ok guys so my husband has a a misdemeanor for "failing to ID" and he did his biometrics back on Dec 7th and still hasn't been approved, so i'm starting to get worried. so if any of you have been approved having a misdemeanor please let me know and if it took longer than most of us who don't have one. Thanks in advance!
  8. can we amend our taxes once we receive our ssn?

    ok i get the fact that we have to change our ITIN with our SSN but my question is are we gonna get back all the money that we couldn't get the previous years because we didn't have a SSN?
  9. Official Nebraska Approval or Pending Cases

    ok guys just got APPROVED today!!!! yay!!! good luck to everyone hopefully ya'll get something soon!!! erica22- i live in tx hope you get yours soon!! jerzaim - good luck!! i'm sure you'll hear something soon!
  10. i'm exited to do my taxes this year because last year i only got back about $600.00 out of the almost $7,000 i would've gotten if i had a good ss# By the way remember if you are between 25 and 65 years old you are eligible to receive the eic (earned income credit) which is where most people get big amounts of money back!
  11. Who is still waiting for approval?

    just got APPROVED today!!!! super happy!!!
  12. Official Nebraska Approval or Pending Cases

    Application sent: 10/22/12 Lockbox: Nebraska USCIS Acceptance Text: 10/25/12 Biometrics date: 11/30/12 EAD approved: pending...........
  13. Who is still waiting for approval?

    Thank you, i'm trying to be patient just thinking about a backup plan just in case my plans don't go through...
  14. Who is still waiting for approval?

    I got my biometrics done on Nov. 30th and still haven't heard from them I wouldn't mind waiting if it wasn't for the fact that i got a job waiting on me to give them my ss#. Work starts in january and it's a great job that will help me start my own business in a couple of years! not to mention that my husband keeps making me check my status every day lol i think he is more anxious than me haha. well good luck to everyone!!! and let us know when you get any news on your apps!!!
  15. Welcome to the forums BRIZA87 :)