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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Everyone, Anybody applied for 2013-2014 California Dream Act and is ready to re-apply for 2014-2015 ? Let me know any difference. I'm going to apply for 2014-2015 soon and wanted to see is the application is different. I just started and it asked me "If I had obtained a Social Security Number" and "Did you obtain your social security number after the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) granted you Deferred Action status and you received an Employment Authorization Card? etc, etc
  2. The One Year Club

    Hello Everyone, Today marks the day that USCIS received my application 13 months ago. The wait has been very frustrating to say the least, and the service provided by the operators when I call USCIS has been worse. I have many 3 service requests, I have written to my senator and I have even received a R.F.E and returned it to USCIS over 2 months ago and still nothing. I'm from South Texas and my application is being processed at the Nebraska Service Center, where they don't normally doesn't handle applications from Texas. At this point I'm just giving up hope. I had to turned down better paying jobs, got a ticket for driving with no license and I have to keep explainig to everyone almost everyday when they ask me about my papers. I'm sure there are many of you who are also part of the one year club or who waited almost a year to get your case approved. What steps are you following or followed to help get your case approved? Application Received: Nov. 23, 2012 Date of Biometrics: Dec. 21, 2012 R.F.E. Sent: Sep. 5, 2013 R.F.E. Returned: Oct. 11, 2013 Last Service Request: Dec. 12, 2013 STILL NOTHING
  3. i was wondering if any of you know or are some of the few who have been denied? i'm really curious. i'm nervous also, i've been waiting since Oct 29 (the day i went for my fingerprints) to hear from them but nothing....