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  1. What's Everyones Status From Southern California?

    from what I've heard from others is that they don't say much. They just tell you that the process can take from 4-6 months :/ ... that's why I don't even bother calling them :/
  2. What's Everyones Status From Southern California?

    still nothing the wait is killing me Cali's center is way too slow. I haven't seem that many approvals from Cali's center these past weeks and the ones I've seen are barely from September and October :/
  3. Today Is My Day!(:

    Congrats to you as well!!
  4. Today Is My Day!(:

    Yay! congrats!
  5. Hello Everyone

    our timelines are kind of similar sent my app Oct. 25 and did my bios on Nov. 29 . Just different centers hope you get your approval soon! best of luck! and Welcome to the forum!
  6. The BOG fee waiver can be used if you are in a community college and it ONLY covers the enrollment fee. Cal grants are money you get to help you pay for school if you are attending a UC or CSU . Hope that helps
  7. New Member From Boston, Ma

    Welcome to the forum Patrick
  8. and another week goes by...

    1. erika020


      @marco ... es verdad :/ I dislike holidays! :b

    2. erika020


      @JEFF ... I know, hope more approvals come this week ^_^

    3. marco12


      I agree me i dislike them

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  9. Ab 540

    very true that's just for California though and now you can also apply for cal grants (AB 131 from the CA Dream Act) thank God!
  10. ok i don't know why i've been getting so impatient lately :/ . no more checking my status every day. It'll come when it has to come. I'm gonna try not to think about so im gonna stay away from this page and uscis page for a while :/ . Good luck everyone, for those still waiting hope you guys get approved soon :)

    1. splif0clock


      impossible, I would even bet you $100 bucks to stay away from uscis page lol.

    2. erika020


      @splif0clock deal lol, not impossible. I can actually stay away from it :)

    3. franklin.m


      YESS same stay away from this page till a get my approval. good luck a todosss

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  11. Happy Valentine's Day!

    catch up on homework .... hopefully ... then math class :/ and .... my day is over :/ . Kind of a stressful and boring day for me. I'm the one jealous of you! :b ... wish I could spend the day with my family :/
  12. Feeling Guilty :(

    aw don't say that! you'll find something I'm sure just keep on looking, don't give up girl. I wish I could help , I really do :/ moving to another state sounds like a good idea, some states like Texas and Cali are not that strict at accepting undocumented youth in schools and jobs. Don't give up remember we are DREAMers! luchamos hasta conseguir alcanzar nuestros sueños y metas
  13. New Guy From Los Angeles

    Welcome to the forum!
  14. (sigh) una semana menos y otra mas por venir.... oh well the day of my approval will eventually come :) (hopefully ... :B)

  15. oh cool then definitely apply for the BOG fee waiver, I'm only taking one class this semester and it covered the full amount for the class ( does not pay for fees such as health fees and etc) my class was $280 I believe so I'm sure it will cover the cost of your two classes
  16. are you attending a community college or a 4 year institution?
  17. Hey I'm Matt, I'm Kinda New .. Lol

    oh cool it was fast then, considering Vermont is pretty slow at processing DACA applications
  18. Hey I'm Matt, I'm Kinda New .. Lol

    lol ... well congrats on your approval! ... I sent my app couple of days after you so I hope I get my approval soon ... to what center was your app sent?
  19. you need to complete the dream application go to this website and follow the instructions
  20. Helloo ;) From Jersey

    Hi and welcome ! best of luck! hope you hear good news soon
  21. you can apply for cal grants, but it's better if you apply for cal grants once you plan to transfer from a community college to a UC or CSU because UCs and CSUs are more expensive .... you can also apply for EOPS (Extended Opportunity Programs and Services ) depending on your school (it's different for every school) they might also give you some money for books
  22. I hope tomorrow will be the day! :)

    1. jimenezerika


      wish you luck i was just like that and it got me by surprise :)

    2. erika020


      @ erika : thanks :)... when did you do your bios?

    3. msminci


      Yes, good vibes your way for an approval soon!

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