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Found 7 results

  1. Is there anyone else applied this March or April and got approved? What's your timeline? I noticed that a lot of people applying around the same time get approved around the same time...not sure how much truth there is in it, but I think it will definitely give me some more hope, I'm going crazy!!!! Application Received: Mar 22, 2013 (Nebraska Service Center) Bio: May 07, 2013 Status: Initial Review... Notes: removal proceeding, no other crimininal history
  2. Did Anyone Else

    Did anyone else start getting credit card applications shortly before being approved?
  3. Misdemeanors

    Well i sent my application like five months ago, and i haven't heard anything back ,I'm wondering if its because of my background i have three misdemeanors but one was dismissed in court. The other two are class B misdemeanors here in Texas one was for driving with a suspended drivers license and the other one is for a theft charge because i bought a cellphone from craigslist that was stolen. Its been so long and I'm just thinking that I'm not going to get approved because of that .i sent in all the court paperwork for all of the cases with my application.
  4. Today Is My Day!(:

    I have been APPROVED ! I'm literally over here jumping up & down from excitement. I'm so happy. God helped through this & never let me lose faith! I'm praying for all y'all who haven't been approved yet. Don't worry it will happen when you least expect it. )
  5. what are the exact steps after you get your DACA approved and get the approval in the mail?
  6. So I have been APPROVED! I NEVER received a text message! But I did receive an EMAIL! Of the early yesterday morning of November 30th, I received an email from uscis. Today, the first of December was the day I viewed the emails haha. The email read as this: Application Type: I765 , APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT AUTHORIZATION This was sent at 9:30 a.m 11/30 Application Type: I821D , Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals This was sent at 11:30 a.m 11/30 Feeling: With school finals coming up, I stopped focusing on my case. I used to come to this forum everyday, hoping and wishing my anxiousness would be healed by the constant good news of the associated members. But GOSH! That helped for so long. Even though your happy for others, you do not really feel jealous or upset, but begin to get a little more anxious and worried for your case. So after letting go, USCIS contacted me of my change of statues. I do not know how to feel. I never been the girl that ever won anything, so it's a new feeling. Like I am still in disbelief. Seriously It took me a whole day to muster up feelings of happiness! So my point of this topic is not to rant on about myself being approved, but too let those others that have still been in the "initial review" and been waiting, in what they would consider a "longer time" that I UNDERSTAND. ITS EMOTIONAL AND STRESSFUL. IM WITH U. BUT YOU HAVE TO LET GO AND LET GOD TAKE CONTROL.
  7. If you are still waiting on your approval "Don't Freak Out" Just watch this video and breathe. Hope you enjoyed the video