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Found 1 result

  1. About employment...

    Guys, I have a really important question. I have been offered a position in a dental clinic I could only dream of, I thought using my fake ssn would work because they would not check, because no one ever did check my papers before, so, I got offered the position for sure a few hours ago, and the person said they need my ssn and license to fill out an I-9 form. I checked out what an I-9 is, and it is not good at all if I want to go ahead with my fake ssn, this will not work for me. An I-9 form is to actually check for accurate paperwork. So, i did my biometrics today and I am supposed to start the new job on the 3rd of December, should I tell these people the truth, to wait until maybe mid december for me to get my papers in order? I dont know what to do, because if I do tell them about it, it means that I was planning on using a fake ssn in first place and I would be sort of deceiving them. I am not worried about the license part, I am just worried that if I tell them the truth, the confidence they migh have had in me could be shattered. Or, I was thinking that I could call them next week and come up with some sort of explanation to stall until my ead gets here, which is definitely shady on my part, but this is really an excellent job position that I would kill for. Help me, please!!!!