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  1. Hi Everyone.

    Hello ladies and gentlemen. I would like to tell everyone Marry Christmas and I wish y'all a Happy New Year. And to have a safe holiday. God bless
  2. Hello Everyone I'm New

    Congratz bro.
  3. Hello Everyone I'm New

    Damn man that means you have been waiting longer then me.Just don't give up man. I know its frustrating and depressing but don't bring your hopes down and have faith.
  4. Hello Everyone I'm New

    Hello everyone ^.^. My name is Aaron and I'm new to this page and I currently live in Texas. I been waiting for my DACA approval for about six months already, It's a little to frustrating to be waiting for along time and have no answer, Especially when your a parent or have bills that need to get paid. I have called USCIS to ask about my case but no luck. It's very depressing and I'm sure some of you might feel the same way I do. All I can say it's don't bring your hopes down. God bless you all
  5. Welcome to the forums A.Martinez :)