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  1. just got out my biometric appt. it went great !!! :)

    1. beatrizrivera909


      how was it? what u gutta do?

    2. REPutation


      that means your pic will come out great lol

  2. tomorrow is the day.

  3. my biometric appt is on Monday.. so nervous :(

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    2. beatrizrivera909


      goodlook let us know how it went

    3. REPutation


      be prepared. Got my EAD last night. I hate my pic. make sure to look your best, take your passport, form of an i.d, I believe that's it?

    4. _hitania


      Thanks everyone..

  4. introducing myself (:

    thanks to everyone
  5. introducing myself (:

    have any of you received your daca ? in how long did yall get it after doing the biometrics?
  6. introducing myself (:

    i will let yall know. thanks(:
  7. introducing myself (:

    ohh we call it " cedula" i never had one since i been in NC since i was 5yrs old.. and see i already tryed gettin my passport those ppl there are so rude they put any little excuse to not give the passport when i went ( last week) they were rude and the worst thing is that its 6 hrs away. oh and i dont have a chance to go anymore cus my biometrics is in 2 weeks and they wont give me an appt but .. since one of the guys up there that replied he said he's from nc he went with his school id so i guess ill go wit that. i mean i know another girl that went wit school id but im jus scared. .. im tryin to stay positive.
  8. introducing myself (:

    heyyy guys. im excited to see that yall replied!! thanks for the welcome and yes my school id is recent i graduated from high school last year so my id says 2011 -2012 !! oh and i dont even know wat a consular id is :/ thanks for all the good lucks also
  9. introducing myself (:

    Hi guys , im Tania.. im 19 years old ! ohh i was born in Honduras but i live in North Carolina.. as of now im working , waiting to get my DACA .. My biometric appointment is in 2 weeks and im soooooo nervous because last week i went and tryed to get my passport but they didnt give it to me cus of some paper problem :/ in order to go get my passport i have to drive 6 hours and they wont give me an appointment before my biometrics appt so i wont have it .. i only have my birth certf and my school id i hope and pray there wont be a problem with that. well anyways , im glad there is a page like this its helped me alot (: i hope to hear from u guysss. xoxoxo
  10. new and sooo lost.

    Thanks to both of you
  11. new and sooo lost.

    Hi guys , im new. how so i edit my profile and stuff ?
  12. Welcome to the forums _hitania :)