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  1. Yes but this place where i live there are no good job available for college students and I didn't want to settle for a minimum wage job lol.....and outside of campus it is really well idk how to put it there is a lot of racism here it sad when you see signs of ppls lawn....but thank u I am planning on working next yr for the summer with my ssn
  2. But DACA doesn't give us any legal status at all. And I applied and minimum wage is not going to help me at all. Besides I have known her for about 10yrs now and she has helped me out so much. It hard to find a great paying job like this while being in school with a heavy schedule. So I think it was a no brainer so if she wants to pay cash then she can and in the summer I can find a second job.
  3. Oh dang well I put you can do it. Good luck man!!
  4. Thank you very many much! Really needed to start paying of college!
  5. Well im in the real world now! I'm in college paying all this money I don't have and broke! This lady from where I graduated moved here as well she owns several appartment complexes! She knows about me being undocumented. So she offered me a maintenance job at her three complexes and is paying me 9/hr cash from her pocket. Have my work permit and will apply fo ssn soon but so far I don't need to! God bless everyone and good luck!
  6. I was wondering about this too! I workes at a grocery store and my friend who was also used a fake ssn is now assistant manger. She knows that I would have to put job experience and told me to put her name down as one of my bosses technicaly she did become one of my bosses so I idk if I should put my experience down or not?
  7. What Would Yall Do?

    Thank tou
  8. Ssn?

    Thank you
  9. Ssn?

    Okay so I have my work permit and now I'm going to go apply for my ssn this week. The thing is now I live in the dorms here at college and I didn't know they they were going to give me my own mailing address. So when I apply for the ssn do I pit my hoise mailing address or my dorm mailing adress. Would it affect me if I put my mailing adress for my dorm????
  10. What Would Yall Do?

    Yes I did leave it true best be safe than sorry.....and one more question when apply fir my ssn would I put my home address or my dorm adress because I can get mail here(I didn't know).....will it be weitd with the two different adresses or should I just put my home mailing address
  11. What Would Yall Do?

    I received my approval daca letter in the mail today. The 17th I am moving into my dorm room for college. I was wondering if I should take it with me or leave it at home with my parents so I know it will be 100% safe. I really don't think I should take it with me because I will be scared to lose it or get stolen or who knows what. My school college is o lt about 2.5/3 hrs away. What do you guys think keep it home where it would be safe or take it with me?
  12. Really that is so awesome!!!! :) ur daca will be approved soon!!! :)
  13. Thank you my daca was approved this morning too