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I just wanted to share an analysis of the current bellicose rhetoric taking place between Washington and Pyongyang.

Please keep in mind that this was published in RT (Russia Today) as an Op-Ed from Patrick Henningsen - a writer, investigative journalist, and filmmaker and founder of the news website However, it is a nice read to provide another perspective on the ongoing tensions in the region...

Also, please keep in mind:

  • Don't believe everything you read or hear from the media
  • Always take it with a grain of salt

With that being said, enjoy:

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I've been following this war between these two from the beginning. However, if N.K attend something against the US and US fight back, this will start the beginning of War World 3. But there is something going on here, North Korea knows that they can't win against US even though they have thousand and thousand of soldiers, my question is; Why Kim Jon is insisting in provoking us? Why continue this suicidal war?..... I don't man but Kim Jon is up to something... He is not that stupid. There are rumors that Iran is helping and sharing enrichment and nuclear technology with North Korea. Allies? Who knows.

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