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    Currently have a job as an administrative assistant (thank the lord) and i'm working on going back to school to study exercise science and kinesiology.

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  1. TX service center seems to be the slowest... I'm about to go onto 5 months. First time applicant. In every other service center people have been getting approved after 2-3 months :\

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    2. ViK


      I send mine to AZ I received conformation for both 765-821d it's been 2 weeks...

    3. instantana


      same here mine is in Nebraska center its been 6 months since I sent my application cant wait anymore:(

    4. pau.rz07


      @Pankaj92 I've seen the renewals get approved pretty fast! I hope you get yours soon. Hoping for the best for you! xo

      @ViK So you already got approved and haven't received your employment card? If that's the case i would definitely call USCIS! xo

      @instantana you have so much faith girl, don't stress. It'll come to you! :) xo